R/C Tank Combat

Support Vehicle #SV015

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The second run was done without the upper hull. The run was SHORT! By this time, a track is missing half of its guide teeth. It doesn't take long for it to throw a track in spectacular fashion! So, back to the workshop to design and install stronger track guide teeth.

Closer investigation of the tracks after the last run showed one track nearly toothless while the second track was fine. Not wanting to cut, glue, drill, and screw a new set of wooden teeth on the tracks, I paid a visit to Lowes Home Improvement store and picked up some aluminum U channel stock and a couple hundred self tapping screws. With the U channel cut into toothlike pieces, I made up a quick positioning guide and started putting in teeth with two self tapping screws each. A little squeeze with a pair of pliers and viola, a very sturdy metal tooth.

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With new track teeth installed, the Spartan goes out for a quick jaunt in the front yard and street.

Run #2, this time at full speed. I deliberately take the curb at full speed to see if something would break. Guess what? Something broke! Heh. The left rear track tension block broke in half! This is the second time I've stressed the track tension system to breaking. I really need to come up with something much stronger.

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So this is what I came up with for a tensioning system: 1/8 inch angle iron bolted and braced into place. No adjustability at all, but way overkill bulletproof. This should do it. Heh.

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