R/C Tank Combat

Support Vehicle #SV015

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Hey, wait a moment! That doesn't look like a Spartan! Originally, this was going to be an M113A3 APC. I got as far as making the basic hull shape before stumbling across the Scorpion series vehicles on Youtube. The Scorpions and Spartans looked so cool that I immediately began building a new upper hull from this one. I had a Clark moment. ;)

Oh yes, much nicer lines than a M113A3. Upper hull is 1/8" door skin on a 1/4" thick light plywood frame.

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... and a little bit of detail on the top to give it some flavor ...

Everything installed and tested before the final painting.

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The Spartan getting a nice white paint job. The UN really likes white.

Tracks and hull painted gray and white respectively. You can see the not so great track tension system (screw eyelets) in the back of the hull. They failed 30 seconds into the vehicle's first outdoor run under 24 volt power. Something will be done to fix it.

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After a 12 volt power test run outside in the parking lot, the track treads showed excessive wear (cheap wood). So each tread got a small screw on each end. No more wear problems on hard surfaces. :)

The Spartan is ready to supply the armed forces, wherever and whenever needed.

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The Spartan takes a test drive.

We took the Spartan out for it's first full power, full speed run. The intention was to have fun of course, but also see what would break. And yes, stuff broke! During this run, one track was shedding track guide teeth. Halfway through the video when the Spartan stops at the corner of the building, one track had partially derailed and jammed the drive system. At the end of the video, the track came off and took out the hinges holding the upper hull to the lower hull. Still, the run is a success. The Spartan's speed and power is obviously good. A weak area was identified for redesign.

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