R/C Tank Combat

Support Vehicle #SV011

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Type: Zettelmeyer ZD 3000 Armament: None
Built: April 2008 Armor: None
Builder: Frank Pittelli Rating: 0/1
Status: Operational Battles: 1
Owner: Frank Pittelli Points Earned: 1,111
Call Sign: ZD Points Given: 0
  • Tractor steering
  • KCM Drive System

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    As part of an on-going effort to rid the battlefield of anti-tank obstacles, Tri-Pact has contracted for the construction of a German military wheeled tractor. Shown here with the blade attachment, the Zettelmeyer ZD 3000 is capable of moving heavy loads.

    The ZD 3000 is comfortable enough to be used as a second family car and is often found parked on side streets in rural towns.

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    Heavy duty tires, a short wheel-base and tractor steering make this a great choice for a support vehicle.

    No frills here; heavy-duty mufflers and attachment points are standard.

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    The ZD starts to take shape, with a skin-on-frame tractor and trailor sitting on four solid rubber 8" tires with steel rims. The wheels have been in the shop for over a decade waiting for the right project to come along. A steel skeleton for the bucket was welded together as yet another excuse for practicing how to weld. A completed bucket, fenders, mufflers and controls for the bucket are some of the remaining tasks.

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    Based on the same concept as the successful Goer design, the ZD's drive system consists of two Kiddie Car Motors (KCMs) mounted on the same axle inside the tractor. The wheels are bolted to a flange that fits over the drive cog of the KCM. A nut and washer on each end of the axle is all that is needed to hold everything together. The entire drive assembly can be removed in a minute or so for repairs.

    The ZD trailer is packed solid with a large 12v drive battery, a 7.2v electronics battery and the control system, consisting of a C6C, an Anvilus dual-channel R/C switch and a Tri-Pact Speed Control. The C6C allows a PS2 gamepad to be used to operate the vehicle, generating servo signals to control the Anvilus R/C switch. The R/C switch generates 4 analog signals that are used by the Tri-Pact Speed Control to control the motors. This is a temporary solution based on spare parts that were laying around the shop and will be replaced by a smaller custom design relay controller in the coming weeks.

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    The heart of the tractor-drive system is a right-angle piece of 1/2" rod, two mounting brackets and two strong springs. The mounting brackets allow the tractor and trailer to move relative to each other in two dimensions, providing both steering and suspension. The springs act to center the trailer when going forward or reverse, while still allowing the tractor to turn right and left as needed. The springs also provide suspension as the tractor and/or trailer roll over obstacles.

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