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Support Vehicle #SV006


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Type: GMC CCKW-353 Armament: None
Built: February, 2004 Armor: None
Builder: Marty Hayes Rating: 0/1
Status: Operational Battles: 0
Owner: Marty Hayes Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Red Ball Points Given: 0
  • KCM Drive System

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    This is one of the classic support vehicles used in WWII, the GMC CCKW-353, 2.5 ton lorry. It has a total of 10 wheels, 2 in front and 4 sets of doubles in back, which are driven by two 12v "Kiddy Car Motors" (KCM). The crates in the back of the truck hide two 6v 12Ah batteries and radio equipment. The motors are in the truck frame under the bed of the truck.

    February 14, 2004: There are quite a few more details to add, including a windshield, bumpers, winch, cover for the truck body (two one khaki, the other with a red cross), and a steering wheel.

    Editor's Note: It is doubtful that the display of a Red Cross will deter attacks when operating on the battlefield, especially when Red Ball will almost certainly be carrying ammo at the time!!


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