R/C Tank Combat

Support Vehicle #SV004


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Type: U.N. Peacekeeper Armament: None
Built: June, 2003 Armor: None
Builder: Mike Blattau Rating: 0/1
Status: Operational Battles: 22
Owner: Mike Blattau Points Earned: 47,188
Call Sign: ??? Points Given: 18,750
  • Has been known to supply both sides with ammo

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    Mike drives the U.N. "SPFOR" supply vehicle across the battlefield with a supply trailer in tow. Mike says that "SPFOR" stands for the "Stop Pittelli Force". The supply vehicle uses Kiddie Car Motors (KCMs) to power all four wheels, giving it lots of power. The rough terrain didn't bother it much, although it lost traction over some mounds of dirt that the tanks negotiated with ease. It proved to be one of the more reliable support vehicles.

    The U.N. vehicle supplied all sides during the conflict, dropping aid packages with every load of ammo, which included: chocolate bars, nylons, condoms and family planning brochures written in 17 languages.

    Mike Blattau hauls himself back to the pit area after a hard day trying to maintain peace on the battlefield. With severe funding shortages and a lack of battlefield experience, his U.N. forces were unable to bring a halt to the fighting. Instead, they focused on raising money by hauling ammo for both sides. Torn between his mission of bringing peace to the world and raising money to keep going, Mike was heard chanting "Why can't we all just get along" everytime he unloaded more paintballs.

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    June 2004: The U.N. Support Vehicle was converted to an armored car in order to enforce the U.N.'s self-declared monopoly on supplying ammo to all sides. Moreover, the vehicle tows a 155mm artillery piece leased by the U.N. from Tri-Pact. The U.N. (Mike and Nathan Blattau) intend to destroy any support vehicles operated by rogue trucking companies, such as Hayes Hauling Company, during the conflict. See Maryland Massacre for more details.

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