R/C Tank Combat

Field Artillery #FA006

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Initial rotate and elevate test. That white tube sticking up is the paintball feed (until I can find something different that works!).

I put my camera on the top of the tank for this video. Watch carefully for the splat on the wood about halfway through.

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Saturday, 13th September
I got sufficiently bored having done all my school work to start painting this using the "Woodland Fern 1" colour from Dulux. It needs about 2 coats on that ply. Once done, it'll be varnished over with a matt, clear varnish. I also need to put the black camo on as well. I'm planning to order some wheels soon for the main drive system.

Sunday, 13th September
Of course, FA006 is only the designation while I finish building the rest of the tank. Two coats of paint later, it's beginning to look a bit like a tank.

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Having done a lovely complex calculation involving the length of the treadmill (thanks Neil!), how many treads per track etc etc, I've come up with 60 track pads per track, each 4cm wide, with a 3mm gap between pads. To ensure spacing stays accurate, I've designed a quick jig in OpenOffice Calc to give me something to work against. Expect more next weekend.

Saturday 18th October

In preparation for the October Revolution, the most of the turret was reworked. That took far too long resulting in a rather makeshift feed tube for the paintballs. That said, I actually quite the idea, and might use it to add details. Is this enough to beat the King's Own Regiment. Only time will tell.

During the October Revolution, despite a few difficulties, FA006 performed incredibly well for a first outing from a rookie tanker. There is, however, a long list of stuff to do over the winter - here's a summary:
  • Upgraded trigger system
  • Improved feed system
  • Fix elevate system to provide a sensible range of elevation.
  • Rework some of the turret panels.
  • Maybe start thinking about motors and drive systems
  • Better indication of whether the tank is on or not.
Over the coming weeks, most of these should be completed as a number of them are, in fact, small tasks.

An upgraded turret, courtesy of about 3 hours work. At the very top of the photo, is the marker, a 32 Degrees Rebel Bottomline, with a little trimming done to make it fit. Below that, and to the right a little, is the car door lock actuator that provides the trigger mechanism. In the middle of the photo is a temporary terminal block to test the marker with the new system. It works fantastically! Eventually the whole thing will be controlled by a BattleSwitch or similar technology. The grey wire that comes up through the hole and goes to the left of the C6C (bottom left) is the power supply for....

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... the headlights, which are my rather nice scale detail way of showing the tank's R/C system is switched on. There will be a similar way of identifying that the motor drive system is powered up.

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