R/C Tank Combat

Field Artillery #FA006

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Type: Challenger 2 Armament: 120mm
Built: September 2008 Armor: Unknown
Builder: Chris Malton Rating: 10/1
Status: Operational Battles: 7
Owner: Chris Malton Points Earned: 4,416
Call Sign: Unknown Points Given: 2,750
  • Servo powered rotate & elevate
  • Will hopefully rival Neil's Leopard
  • Will become a mobile tank soon

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    Early August. School summer holidays, I'm bored, and wonder what to do. Having seen this site, and organised the Chelmsford Conflict, I thought it might just be a good idea. We'll see how much of a good idea it is when everything actually works. Here you can see the start of the hull.

    A few hours later, the bottom of the hull looks like it's coming together.

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    Now onto the turret. Sadly the multifaceted front of the Challenger 2 proved to be a little "challenging" for my woodwork skills as the triangular pieces were removed shortly after this photo.

    It's taken about 2 days of work to get to this stage, but it seems to be taking shape rapidly.

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    With a little persuasion a marker can easily be fitted in the turret. It wasn't designed to go this way around, but it does work.

    Here you can see the trigger mechanism. An extension to a servo arm provides ample travel (after a few adjustments) to trigger the marker reliably.

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    Here you can see the secret to the adjusted power feed. A bit of wood fits inside it and provides the "plug" for the power feed. This is held in place by the real plug.

    I wasn't really thinking when I first tested the paintball marker. Plastic doesn't stand much chance against a paintball travelling at 270mph. I didn't try this one again.

    I then tried something more solid, which, as can be seen, works rather well, but I did end up with bits of paintball shell everywhere.

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