R/C Tank Combat

Field Artillery #FA005


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Type: Comet Bunker Armament: 77mm
Built: June 2007 Armor: 0mm
Builder: John Pittelli Rating: 10/1
Status: Operational Battles: 7
Owner: John Pittelli Points Earned: 20,766
Call Sign: Comet Bunker Points Given: 4,750
  • Built using turret from T039 while body was being re-worked

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    Herr General,

    Oberst Johann reporting on the progress of Project"Bunker Comet". Lead scientists are still having difficulty incorporating the ....

    ....... Start Encrypted Message ............

    My General, the captured Comet has been successfully converted into the Ultimate Bunker. MAG scientists were able to convert the Comet into the deadliest artillery piece to date. New turbines have given the traverse extra power, even the speedy Cromwell can be easily tracked. New hands-off tracking technology has also been incorporated per your request.They were also successful in programming the range finder to account for proper elevation. With these new features the Uprising shall certainly fail. I've included photos to give to the air arm. Don't need the flygirls sending some friendly bombs our way.

    ........ End Encrypted Message ..............

    antiquated Comet mechanicals with our systems. Anticipated completion will be post June 11. I have already taken measures to insure delivery in time for the offensive into Northern Virginia. Certain incompetent slackers have been "disappeared".

    Oberst Johann

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