R/C Tank Combat

Field Artillery #FA002


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Type: PAK40/L46 75mm Anti-Tank Gun Armament: 75mm
Built: September 2004 Armor: None
Builder: John Pittelli Rating: 10/1
Status: Retired; Sold for parts Battles: 3
Owner: Marty Hayes Points Earned: 7,500
Call Sign: Enforcer Points Given: 0
  • Motor-Driven Fire Control

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    September 2004: The PAK40 debuted on the battlefield during Operation Coxsackie Freedom after less than 2 weeks of development. An inexpensive Spyder marker was fitted with an outer barrel made from a few pieces of PVC pipe and then mounted on a wooden frame.

    The chassis was made from two wooden dowels connected to a wooden platform to which a 1/2" inch diameter axle was mounted, riding on two 6" pneumatic tires. Rotation and elevation are provided by a castor bearing assembly turned upside down. Finally, the shield is made from a few pieces of scrap plywood.

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    Fire control is provided by an automotive door latch actuator the pulls the trigger whenever a manual switch is depressed. This allows the PAK40 to be used anywhere on the battlefield without taking up a valuable radio frequency. Over the winter, it will be outfitted with a motorized rotate and elevate system, also controlled by wire.

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