R/C Tank Combat

Field Artillery #FA001


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Type: 155mm Howitzer Armament: 155mm
Built: February 2004 Armor: None
Builder: Frank Pittelli Rating: 10/1
Status: Retired Battles: 6
Owner: Frank Pittelli Points Earned: 3,000
Call Sign: Defender Points Given: 0
  • Modified 21st Century Model
  • Radio-controlled rotate, elevate & fire control

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    September 2004: The 155mm Howitzer combines a Spyder paintball marker with a 21st Century 1/6 scale model to provide an inexpensive and low maintenance way to participate in the hobby. Standard R/C servos are used for elevation and fire control, while a small geared motor is used for rotate, activated by two micro-switches tripped by a third servo. As provided by the rules, a 10 shot magazine consisting of a short length of 3/4" tubing is mounted on top of the gun. The radio receiver and battery are stored in between the rails and the CO2 bottle mounts along the side of the gun.

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