R/C Tank Combat

Armored Car #AC004


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Type: M1045A2 Armament: TOW Missile
Built: July 2006 Armor: 10mm
Builder: Doug Conn Rating: 20/2
Status: Operational Battles: 5
Owner: Tom Lum Points Earned: 3,633
Call Sign: Rocket Man Points Given: 9,500
  • WiFi Controlled, with two video feeds
  • Homemade Paintball Rocket Tube
  • Homemade Steering Mechanism
  • Spring Front Suspension

    There are a lot of novel systems and solutions in this vehicle. See M1045 Web Site for up-to-date descriptions, pictures and videos.

    June 2007: Rocket Man came to The Uprising well equiped for battle, with more computer processing on-board than the Apollo moon-landing used. Almost everything worked on the rookie vehicle except for the steering, which prevented it from being fully operational. Nonetheless, Doug put it on the field and battled it as hard as he could, winning him much respect from all the veterans.

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