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Armored Car #AC003


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Type: Cadillac-Gage V300 Armament: 90mm
Built: November, 2003 Armor: Medium
Builder: Nick Hoke Rating: 40/2
Status: Retired Battles: 0
Owner: Nick Hoke Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Swampcat Points Given: 0
  • Swampcat stands for 'Six Wheel AMphibious Paintball Cannon Armored Tank'
  • Awarded 100 publicity points for reference in Sync Magazine

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    June 2005: Some people may consider this a nerdy hobby, but at least we rank right up there with other strange inventions. Wonder if the solar death ray can be adapted to the hobby?

    Sync Magazine, June/July 2005.

    The Swampcat operator appears in press for the first time, resulting in a large recruitment increase in the Northwest territories. Battlers within a 500 mile radius have vowed to complete their vehicles as soon as possible so that they can attend the next battle in Kingston, WA.

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    Nick Hoke of Kingston, Washington is the builder and owner of the custom-made one-of-a-kind SWAMPCAT: Six Wheel Amphibious Paintball Cannon Armored Tank. Utilizing a modified TLAR construction method, the SWAMPCAT was built with 1/2" plywood and waterproofed with Durabak - the same stuff used to make pickup truck bed liners. In this combat configuration it is a direct-fire infantry support AFV.

    The SWAMPCAT is 51 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 34 inches tall. There are 17 tinted glass windows.

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    The entire exterior is armoured with metal plating; a contributing factor to the 250+ pound weight. Check out the detail work on those wheel covers.

    The monster turret alone is over 60 pounds and can hold a large quantity of paintballs.

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    Two 24vdc electric wheelchair motors power all 3 wheels on each side for true 6x6 wheel drive.

    The SWAMPCAT is watertight and it actually floats, making it pretty unique in this hobby.

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    Design and fabrication was a long 2 years, interrupted just about constantly by everything else in my life. Interior and exterior upgrades and modifications are frequent and never-ending.

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