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Armored Car #AC001


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Type: Sd.kfz.4 Munitionskraftwagon fur Nebelwerfer Armament: 150mm Nebelwerfer (10-tube)
Built: February, 2003 Armor: 10mm
Builder: Bryan Boucher Rating: 10/2
Status: Never Completed Battles: 0
Owner: Bryan Boucher Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Undertow Points Given: 0
  • Under Development
  • Aluminium Construction

    Here it is my Munitionskraftwagon fur Nebelwerfer Sd.Kfz.4 (half-track rocket launcher)

    The body is 1/8 aluminum plate and the frame is mostly 1" square aluminum tube. The rocket turret motor is mounted but the drive and steering motors still have to be mounted.

    A rear view of the hull.

    Here you can see were the tracks will go. I'm going with the bike chain system. The tracks will have a large footprint so that they will skid steer when the front wheels steer.

    Here is what I'll be using to tension the tracks.

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