R/C Tank Combat

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Armor Information & Organizations

Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS)
Missing Links
Armor Scratch Builders
Front Range Armored Group
Tiger 1 Information Center
Tiger 1 Information Library
UK Tank Club
German Large Scale Model Society

Plans, Drawings and Specifications

A collection of specifications, information, photos and drawings for most of the WW-II armored vehicles.
WW-II Vehicles
A very complete collection of specifications and information about all WW-II vehicles.
George Bradford Plans
Wide assortment of plans for armored vehicles from many countries drawn by George Bradford, a founding father of Armor Modeling. The plans are very detailed, well-drawn and are inexpensive. NOTE: The plans pages used to be available on this site, but not sure of their new location.
Tank Drawings
A large collection of drawings for lots of different tanks.
Russian Battlefield
Good collection of on-line plans for Russian tanks, as well as lots of information about Russian military equipment
Engines of the Red Army in WWII
Over 600 scale, multi-color drawings of Russian armored vehicles, trucks, artillery and even tractors from World War II. Quite a nice on-line collection.
A specialized resource dedicated to armored military weapons, the modern and used in world wars. They concentrate on highly detailed 3d models, which produce the most photorealistic images you could ever see on the web, giving you the best material for creating impressive warfare artwork.
The Complete Guide to Chain
The title says it all. If you have questions about the proper chain to use or just want to learn all about chains, this is the web site to visit.

Kit Suppliers

Field of Armor Tanks (USA)
Scale tank models made from durable metal, plastic and resin parts that are made to take the abuse of the battlefield. You can purchase a complete kit or just a couple of sub-systems to get on the battlefield and start having fun. These are the only commercially available tank kits that have been "battlefield tested".
Plastic Panzers (USA)
Durable roto-molded polyurethane 1/6 scale hulls for various tanks and support vehicles. Nicely detailed.
R/C Armory (USA)
R/C Armory is a manufacturer of 1/8 scale radio controlled tank kits. These operational large scale tanks recreate the look and movement of real tanks down to the finest detail. The kits include PVC hull and turret, injected molded plastic and resin parts, machined parts and aluminium tracks. Detailed kits with drive system cost less than $2,500.
Rolling Thunder Technologies (USA)
A distributor for the Russian tanks described above. Also sells the Field of Armor plastic Tiger-1 kit, with high-strength ABS body, turret and tracks, polycarbonate wheels, suspension and a kiddie-car-motor drive system.
Mark-1-Tank (UK)
A distributor for the Russian tanks described above.
German R/C Tanks (Germany)
German engineering in 1/6 scale all-metal construction. Definitely on the high-price side of the spectrum, but quality doesn't come cheap.
Armortek (UK)
Specialists in the provision of 1/6th scale vehicles, figures and accessories for the Modeller and War Game Enthusiast. These guys sell top of the line all-metal vehicles for the scale modeler who wants scale armor thickness and every other detail you can imagine. At roughly 250 pounds, these beasts are powered by twin 280watt 24v motors to attain a top speed of approx 4 mph.

CO2 Parts Suppliers

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc
Leading supplier of pneumatic valves, fittings and controls; the essential elements of any homemade cannon or heavy-duty turret.
Palmer's Pursuit Shop
A good collection of high-quality paintball parts, including regulators, fittings, barrels, etc.
Firstcall Paintball (formerly Skan-Line)
Complete line of CO2 paintball equipment and supplies, including Parker Hannefin 3.5oz, 7oz, 10oz, 12oz and 20oz aluminium tanks with either Pin or On-Off values.
Drop Zone Paintball
Full line of CO2 paintball equipment and supplies, including Brass Eagle 3.5oz, 7oz, 9oz, 12oz and 20oz tanks with Pin values.

Drive System Suppliers

TNC Scooters
Wide assortment of scooter motors, controllers and parts. In stock items are clearly marked and service is excellent.
Andy Mark
Home of the Talon SR brushed motor controller, which is dependable, compact and lower-priced than equivalent competitors.
Robot MarketPlace
This site is operated by Team Nightmare, one of the veteran robot warrior teams, and they have a great collection of motors and other equipment used in that arena. You'll pay a little extra accordingly, but they have a good selection and lots of technical information about each alternative.
Team Delta Products
A collection of electronic parts, motors and drive components used by many of the top robot battlers. Most of the equipment provides capabilities well in excess of those required for R/C tank combat, and the prices reflect such high levels as well. Nonetheless, there are plenty of components to examine and compare.
Built-For-Fun Electric Vehicles
Not a supplier of parts, but a good supplier of information about how to build different kinds of electric drive, steering and suspension systems.

Industrial Parts Suppliers

Over 390,000 industrial supply products including pipes, fittings, pumps, process control, instrumentation, fabricating, sawing, machining, power transmission, etc. They claim that 98% of the items ordered are shipped from stock.
MSC Industrial Supply Co.
One of the nation's largest direct marketers of industrial supplies and equipment. They have an extensive list of products of all kind and they guarantee same day shipment.
Del City
Del City has been a direct source for professional grade electrical supplies since 1947. Purchase automotive wire, wiring, cable, electrical terminals, connectors, clamps, grommets, circuit breakers, fuses, switches, testers, cable ties, loom, and thousands of other electrical products, all backed by the best personal service in the industry.
Online Metals
A web site that specializes in selling small quantities of metals and plastics of all kinds, including stainless, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, steel, nylon, delrin, and teflon.
Caster Store
Wheels, wheels, wheels. If you can't find the right size wheel here, then it doesn't roll.
VXB Ball Bearings
When you've got to carry a heavy load, there's nothing like ball bearings to keep things rolling. This site sells nothing but ball bearings and probably has what you're looking for.
Valu-Bilt Tractor Parts
The largest selection of tractor parts in the U.S.A. (formerly Central Tractor) Lots of chains, sprockets, hubs and pulleys to drive your vehicle.
JayDee Enterprises
JayDee is the Largest Stocking Warehouse in North America for Farm and Agricultural V-belts.
Micro Fasteners
The name says it all: they make small fasteners.
eMachine Shop
A unique service that provides you with free CAD software that can be used to design parts, which they will then produce for you out of a variety of materials. So, if you need machined parts and don't have the necessary time, talent or equipment, give them a try.

Molding and Plastic Suppliers

Fibre Glast Development Corporation
Leading supplier of composite cloths, materials and resins for both large and small jobs. Prices are much better than local boat supply stores, and the quality is better than auto parts stores.
Smooth-On Liquid Rubbers and Plastics
Since 1895 (yep, over 100 years) Smooth-On has been providing liquid rubbers and plastics for artists, industry and, now, R/C tanks.
United States Plastic Corp.
Industrial, Commercial and Consumer plastic products. Good source for plastic rods, sheets, boxes, bottles, tubing, bags, etc.

Radios & Accessories

R/C Tray Man USA
If you want a secure and stable harness for holding your R/C transmitter whilst walking or running around the battlefield, this is the web site for you.

Electronic Suppliers

Anvilus Machine Works
Manufactures and sells a family of products that hit the right spot when it comes to R/C tank combat. Heavy duty, reliable and affordable speed controls and control circuits.
Cheap Control Systems
Cheap Control Systems was founded to provide the R/C market with quality control systems that provide hobbyists with the solutions they need, but that don't cost a lot of money in the process. Moreover, all Cheap Control Systems are designed to be easily fixed whenever necessary.
Pololu Electronics
Designs, manufactures and sells a wide assortment of circuits and electronic components that can be used to solve a range of control problems. Excellent technical support and quality components.
SparkFun Electronics
Electronic components and circuits useful for a wide variety of robotic and r/c projects.
Servo City
Just like the name says, they sell lots of things associated with R/C servos on this web site, including a collection of Hitec and Futaba radios. They have an interesting servo gearbox that increases the torque and travel time of a standard servo four-fold ... quite useful for an elevate mechanism.
Parts Express
Lots of new electronic parts, including automotive, high-amp parts, with a good on-line catalog and reasonable prices.
Electronix Express
When you need a couple of doo-dads or thing-a-ma-bobs, this is a good place to find new and surplus electronics.
Long-time (30 years) supplier of electronic parts with over 12,000 items in their catalog.
An extensive catalog of electronic parts, although prices are a little high for small quantities, they almost always have what you need.
Mouser Electronics
With over 400,000 electronic parts in their on-line catalog, if they don't have what you're looking for, it probably doesn't exist.
Manufactures and sells R/C mixer and controller boards that allow two tracks to be steered using a single joystick.
Manufactures and sells a wide range of heavy duty speed controls that are relatively expensive, but seem to be the favorites of combat robot builders.

Surplus Suppliers

Surplus Center
A true surplus store that has a little bit of everything mechanical, with some pretty good deals. But when they run out of a given item, you might not see it again, so buy some spares when they're in stock (the web site conveniently lets you know exactly how many they have in stock).
American Science & Surplus
According to their web site, they have "Incredible Stuff, Unbelievable Prices!", which is easy to believe after you see their catalog. It's also one of the most humorous surplus catalogs you'll ever read.
C&H Surplus
A well-stocked electronic surplus provider that has a nice supply of motors and other valuable parts. Some slightly worn, some take-outs, some new, some good prices.
MPJA Electronic Mail Order Supplier
A well-stocked surplus parts provider with excellent service quality and quick response time on orders.