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R/C Tank Combat

War In The Woods II

Letter from Eric

by Baby Eric

Dear Great Auntee Ethel

I am having a lovely time here in Surrey visiting my daddy Unfortunate Eric. A nice man Albert Tacklebottom came to kidnap me (this happens a lot) and he had Mr Neil and Ms Claire with him and Mr Pete and Mr Phil and a new friend Mr Jason came to help protect me and his wife Michelle took the pictures.

Mr Pete's tank did not work so he was the contest director he was very good. Ms Michelle was great with child and also great with camera as you can see:

  • Camp Albert
  • Ready for Battle
  • Defending the Castle
  • Dug In
  • Break Time
  • Camp Eric
  • Shield Damage
  • War Weary Battlers
  • First Ms Claire and Mr Neil attacked Camp Eric and I was whisked away in a jeep but then I was rescued again and Mr Jason blew the doors off. Then there was another battle with Mr Phil and Mr Neil on one side and the others on the other I did not quite understand what the plot was supposed to be but quite frankly neither did they. Still a lot of paint was fired which is a Good Thing.

    Next they went on a manhunt one side decided to hunt down Eric Nellie and Albert while the others tried to stop them it was very exciting.

    Next day they moved to the woods and Mr James turned up with his tank which did not go but it did go bang so it was an artillery piece Mr James did not use a radio control he used a stick instead to turn the turret clever Mr James! Talking of things that go bang Mr Pete.s car did not work he was very unhappy on the M6.

    If you wonder how they can tell when a battle is over I know it is when only 1 tank or gun is left working they always do this and you can always tell.