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R/C Tank Combat

War In The Woods II


by Neil Rochford

Albert Tacklebottom has been sent by the Funky Tank Foundry Managing Director on a not so very secret mission down to Surrey. The Director had a vision some time ago during one of these dizzy moments we all have from time to time after standing up too quickly. The vision was a glimpse of the "chosen one". The "one" who will bring everlasting hope. Mainly the hope of many more years of war in the UK. Concerned that Unfortunate Eric and Nurse Nelly will attempt a peaceful upbringing for Little Eric ( the chosen one ) the FTF leaders plan to capture Little Eric and occupy all the southern UK counties. Palmershire in surrey is the intended first target. A perfect replica of the FTF military Head Quarters is already under construction at the location and it is thought that this battle station will be fully operational by the time the southern KOR tank commanders arrive.

FTF scientists have created an invisible 9" X 9" rotating force field that will shield the main doors from Paintball blasts. The Director has been assured that there will be no repeat of the damage caused to HQ doors from paintball blasts during the "Anarchy In The UK" troubles earlier in the year. It was hard to say if the Director was impressed or not, as he walked away he simply uttered "Do not fail me again". Some concern is justified amongst the designer's due to the fact that the Director wasn't informed that the force field actually rotates, this allows a few seconds twice each rotation when enemy fire could theoretically get through. "It'll be alright" said one FTF operative to another as they pushed it on a trolley through the main gate.