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by John Pittelli

Who would have known that the modular contruction of the Comet would result in something other than ease of transportation. Faced with drivetrain component machining delays the turret was transformed into the Bunker Comet.For only about $12 in parts and paint The Bunker Comet was able to perform flawlessly for the 2 day uprising. So fellas, if you build a turret that can function alone, you will have a blast at the next battle if the chassis is not complete.

Marlow Realty, formerly Marlow Trucking and Hauling, believing in the defense of private property rights, purchases the Navarone Gun and the untested Bunker Comet to defend the town. Knowing that the General's Wife likes to joyride, they also purchased the "Rocket Man" Humvee. Like most untrained (aka. feminine) drivers she broke the steering wheel while joy riding so we only had forward and reverse.

Pitted against us were the Anvilus Taxi Service and MAG Cab. With six against three (yeah like the cabbies would fight each other) Marlow Realty entered into negotiations with Anvilus Taxi to insure the safety of the General's Wife for a 50% share in the victory points (it is all about the points you see). Needless to say MAG Cab was surprised and dismayed when all guns turned to face them.

The next sortie saw the trade agreement reneged upon by Anvilus Taxi in a very treacherous turn of events (is there any other way?) Midway through the next onslaught Chief Dispatcher Sommer attacked the Bunker Comet artillery men from behind. Of course he fired the shots first, then stated "The deal is off". We quickly renegotiated terms with Mag Cab for the safety of our beloved General's wife. Things progressed very well until Chief Dispatcher F. Pittelli decided, "Hey I think we can get all of the points now ourselves so the deal is off." Luckily Marlow Trucking had built up enough ammo reserves so that the rival cabbies could not abduct our girl and charge her ridiculous fees for their service.

Here are pics of one of the current projects for Marlow Realty. Tracing back our lineage has revealed that we are 1/1000th French Iroquois (i.e., one of our ancestors saw an Iroqouis once), and as such we are entitled to a casino on our land. This will aid mightily in the growth of Marlowville as we already have connections to the business side of casino operations via The Alliance with the Desert Dogs of Las Vegas. Notice the liberal use of razor wire.

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