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I write after yet another successful campaign in Waldorf MD on June 9 and 10. The fear of facing the ultra reliable and aggressive KV-1 was enough to discourage the junior tankers from even showing up on the field of battle.

This year the KV-1 showed true durability during the two days of battle. While the mighty Tiger was terrorizing the artillery infantry men in a selfish attempt to maintain a point lead over the KV-1, at one point we single handedly killed the elusive Hetzer with a rapid burst from our rebuilt electronic GTve gun. During another moment of the battle, in what could be called a speed turn for the KV-1, we threw one of the lower road wheels from the left side of the tank. With true Russian engineering, the tank ran better without the wheel and continued the rest of the two day battle without issue.

We can't tell how much longer the KV-1 can battle. With all the tankers trying to incorporate new features to maintain pace with Tyng technologies, the 12 volt, EV warrior, roller chaining KV-1 is still managing to fight a good fight, take on some paint, and dish out little hurtin on the veterans.

Crazy Ivan

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Little did anyone know that the mighty KV-1 almost had a problem with our electronics. It seems that when we outsourced the repair work to our Polish firm over the winter, the electrical wiring for the battery was reversed when installed.
A quick test showed the red wire connected was connected to the black wire! We took a photo for the law suit, reconnected the wires properly and had plenty of time for our traditional bloody mary (with pure Russian Vodka) before the first battle!

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