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by Sean "Show Me the Money" Marlow

After the unveiling of the completed barn last fall, it has CONTINUED to be a target of Tyng Industries, despite not being able to actually cause a 'hit' on any of the tanks since it is merely a piece of scenery. This apparently does not matter to the leaders of Tyng Industries as they show a history of repeated assaults (as indicated by the 'T's above the barn door).

After reconstruction from the previous fall, Marlow & Son was forced to take a stance. An invoice was drawn up (enclosed), detailing the costs of the first repair. Tyng Industries also REFUSED to pay, instead offering 3 minutes of driving time on the Cromwell. The invoice apparently did nothing but enrage Tyng Industries, as the barn was subsequently ravaged in the next battle.

This destruction forced increased repairs, including the installation of several new parts. A new invoice was not presented to Tyng Industries, in hope of making peace (hey, appeasement worked for Britain with Germany in WWII. Wait a second...) Marlow & Son is now waiting to see what actions Tyng Industries takes come fall, and will structure their legal campaign accordingly.

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