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R/C Tank Combat

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Lessons Learned


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by John Pittelli
  1. A TTS can fail.The rivet on the last piece of the joint was too close and ripped out under tension. No goop. Will address that during the reconstruction. Might even add an extra piece in that area.

  2. Use pvc glue . Nothing else seems to bond the two pieces together. Barrel started to come off.

  3. If you use a wedge for tension, screw it in place. Or it will vibrate out and you'll end up a mercy kill.

  4. Set screws, make them as big as possible and use the stronger loctite. Otherwise they'll come loose and you'll end up a mercy kill.

  5. You can kill a vehicle in the tall grass, especially if you have the angle, a turret, and they're an SP type vehicle.

  6. When it's above 80 degrees, don't load your paint too soon before the battle starts. I had a few swell up and they broke in the barrel. At the beginning of the second hour I waited until the last minute and did not have any problems, well, other than the set screw thing and the wedge thing and the total TTS failure thing.

  7. Forgot to mention. Total TTS failure. The wooden cleat snapped in half allowing the track to be thrown. Yes that's right,came off totally, and of course another mercy kill.

by Steve Tyng
  1. Everybody is getting a little bit quicker. Nobody may be as fast as the Cromwell yet but they can sure spin fast! It's getting tougher to take an experienced opponent out one-on-one. Will Montgomery is particularly good at the spin defense!

  2. If it's tough to take a tank out solo it REALLY feels good when you manage to take a whole team out solo! In the first ten minutes of the first battle I think I managed to dispatch the entire Tough Love team plus their artillery. It was a fluke and probably will never happen again.

  3. A real man wears shorts in R/C Tank Combat! I guess I'm not a real man anymore. After the bloody pounding my legs took this last battle I'm calling it quits on the shorts - no matter how hot it's going to be.

  4. It sucks when your teammates call time outs while your in an attack run. I had kills on the Hetzer and Tiger invalidated due to these inconvenient calls.

  5. Batteries fade with age. The same batteries that gave me a good one hours run time last year are only lasting forty minutes this year.

  6. Bunkers suck. If you stay hunkered down in one you will DIE!

  7. R/C Tank Combat is a team sport but when your team is all broken down in home base, it becomes a blood fest - against you!

  8. Macro and micro CO2 line apparently suck. Though my macro line worked all day, several others where blowing CO2 lines left and right.

  9. When you hear a CO2 line burst. GO IN FOR THE KILL!

  10. Why didn't my macro line burst in the hot temps? I'm not sure but I have a anti-siphon in my tank which keeps the liquid CO2 out of the lines. Also, when the tank was just sitting waiting for a battle to start I opened my turret up to keep it cooler in there.

  11. Reliability is the key for maximum fun in this sport. It doesn't matter if you have the fastest tank or the best suspension. What matters is if your tank can run and shoot for an hour straight with no issues. Paul's first generation KV-1 may be the slowest tank on the field but he had more time on the field due to his rock solid reliability. I think only three tanks didn't have issues all day. These were the Cromwell, KV-1, and Tiger.

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