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Members of the Maryland Attack Group have grown increasingly concerned that Mr. Tyng may have been subjected to various mind altering substances during his recent visit to The Netherlands. Such technical geniuses are always on the verge of insanity even during normal times, but the stress of traveling combined with Dutch beer and other products of Amsterdam may have pushed him over the edge.

To that end, the Maryland Attack Group will be hosting The Intervention for Mr. Tyng, to be held on Saturday, June 17th, in St. Charles, Maryland. The intervention will draw together over a dozen close friends skilled in various techniques of "paint therapy". We're certain that after Mr. Tyng has been subjected to such treatments, he will once again resume his normal routine of developing advanced combat systems for MAG and TyngTech.

Anyone who is able and would like to attend The Intervention is welcome, with or without your own therapy equipment. Extra equipment is always available and all spectators are encouraged to participate in the process of healing. No experience necessary ... just the desire to heal.

Hope to see everyone on June 17th.

	Dr. Frank Pittelli
	Director of the Healing Center
	Mental Health Division
	Maryland Attack Group
	a subsidiary of Black Sword & Shield 
While looking in the sealed files of a Mr. Tyng, it has become apparent that this is not the first time such paint therapy has been tried.

Almost all of the papers in the file where blacked out with nothing more that his name and ID. There was some hand written notes, but they too are too far gone to make out.

But found stuck to the back of one of the pages was part of a photograph with Mr. Tyng in it with some blurred notes on the back of it. After carefully examining it, I discovered scaring on his one leg. Only the words "Paint"and "Injury" can be made out, and that is only speculation at this time.

Could this be part of a bigger story or even part of a cover up?

	Chris, a concerned friend
The implication of using mind altering substances while in the Netherlands has blindsided me. I mean, it was just coffee and the most wonderful brownies! The Dutch wouldn't sell you anything if it was mind altering would they?

I appreciate the concern shown in regards to my mental state but I really.... I think...... Dude, I forgot what I was going to say.... Where'd those mushrooms go?

An intervention sounds cool.... But really, there's nothin wrong with me..... It's all mellowwwww man.... Mellow yellowwwww.....

	Steve "Sooooo Cooool" Tyng

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