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Joe Sommer brought the old and tired Hetzer along with his latest creation, the M274 Mechanical Mule, operated by Ted Simms, cousin of Fred "The Coward" Simms. Ted and the Mule worked well in the first battle until an errant paintball found it's way into one of the Mule's motors (placed there by Will's SU-100). The motor started smoking and Ted decided it was time to break for lunch.

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This panoramic collage shows the ever growing "Marlowopolis". All of the buildings shown here were constructed by Marlow and Son (mostly Marlow, less son), brought to the battlefield and constructed before the battle. The buildings are designed to be somewhat "Tyng-proof", using wire ties to fall apart quickly on impact instead of sustaining structural damage. With a barn, farmhouse and even a casino, we can only wonder what will come next to the village.

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Will Montgomery's SU-100 and Scout Car are ready for the battle, along with the aging UN Vehicle, which requires more and more work to keep it rolling. The UN needs to purchase some more reliable gear. Donations accepted.
What looks like a lowly milk-crate is actually a rolling tribute to the beginning of the hobby ... the wheels on the cart are four of the original roadwheels from T001.

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Fred "The Coward" Simms shows off his new vehicle, equiped with the marker from his original quadricycle. As normal, Fred would not actually participate in the battle. Seems the lawn was not manicured to his liking. Nonetheless, Ted Simms, his cousin did participate as the Mule driver.
Marty Hayes' Leopard worked well throughout the day in all kinds of conditions and circumstances.

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Rocketman is ready for battle, with a brand-new steering linkage which not only survived the day, but performed well enough for Doug to move onto other projects.
A number of battlers confer before the start of the first battle, where each side would be forced into close quarters, pushing towards "A Bridge Too Close". Fixed artillery in both towns, just 10-20 feet away from the bridge would make it a very tough game for each side.

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