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Letter From Hospital

by Unfortunate Eric

12 July 2009

Dear Auntie Ethel

I am in hospital! I have had an accident with the Tank Men!

Things started off well enough in the afternoon. The tank men decided to run a "convoy" game where they put a bomb in a tank and tried to get it from one end of the field to the other whilst everyone else shot at them. They let me watch from the castle tower. The bomb was cunningly disguised as a tennis ball painted black with "Bomb" written on it. Mr Neil went first and got quite far, then Mr Phil and Mr James (in his Armada) got a bit less far.

Then they decided to have another battle. This is when I had my Accident. Now that all the tanks were working, they had the same teams as before, but Mr Neil ran into the castle and it fell down! I was hurt and went to hospital where I was looked after by a nice nurse called Nellie. She has invited me back to her flat for jelly and ice- cream.

I have crossed Mr Neil off the Nice Person list in my diary.

Your damaged nephew

Unfortunate Eric