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R/C Tank Combat

Summer Skirmish


by Funky Neroc

The following statement has been issued by the FTF Chief Executive :-

In reply to the delusional group of individuals who refer to themselves as The C3 ( Chelmsford Challenged Crew ) or is it C4 ( Chelmsford Clown Car Crew ) . It has been noted that some level of optimism has been established within these juvenile minds to such an effect that when the FTF managing director finally stopped laughing and regained his seating , he gave the order to mobilise the entire funky arsenal . It is rare to see such determined anger in the great man and the atmosphere left all those present with that spine chilling feeling as he left through a large pair of sliding doors , his black cape swaying dramatically .

The scale of the military and logistical operation to follow will shadow all previous records into insignificance. Brave commanders from distant lands are hailing to the Funky cause , with no thought for there own safety , some not even showing any interest to the quest for points , just a steely determination to fight in an anger relieving mindless manner.

With sufficient confidence in the Funky fleet , it has been decided that in the name of good will and general sport , SVo12 can be used by the Chelmsford Clapped out Club just so they have something that moves on the battlefield . our tank commanders can consider the turkey shoot as useful training , just in case any real threat ever makes itself known one day.

Along with the SV012 donation , the winners T051 and T068 will be arriving at the private grounds early on the morning of July 11, eta 10 hundred hours, and remaining until departure later the following day.

It would be appreciated if the C3 leaders could refrain from their attempts at damage limitation by trying to shorten the battle event . The FTF has earned the right to a two day event and will continue firing until completely satisfied.

A Nom