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R/C Tank Combat

Invasion of Smallville

Battle Photos

The following photos were taken by Tom Tanner before the battling began. When the battle was raging, Tom was shooting video, helping the other Tom operate the Navarone Gun, helping Jesse and Justin operate the supply vehicles and otherwise helping with the scorekeeping. Basically, Tom was everywhere doing everything.

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The Diamondeers prepare to defend Queenie's compound during the first 30 minute period of the first battle. The compound is denoted by the orange cones and they must have an at least one operational vehicle within that boundary at all times to be successful.

Tom waits patiently for the battle to begin, deploying his security force and aiming the Navarone Gun, which sits just outside the compound. Both artillery pieces and both supply vehicles were assigned to the defending team throughout the battle.

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The Diamondeers discuss their overall strategy before the war begins, which included a heavy defense of their supply vehicles so that ammo runs could keep the artillery and defending tanks well supplied.

Marty The Legend Hayes stands ready with his Flak 88, which will be one of the primary defenders. The Leopard and Hetzer serve as secondary defense.

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Four bunkers were placed around the outside of the compound to be used by both defenders and attackers as needed for their purposes. They were all roughly 2 feet tall and 8 feet long, hinged in the middle and anchored on the ends. Simple, but very effective.

The Diamondeers stand ready to defend Queenie's compound from the Rough Rigers. The beige Hetzer in the foreground is a plastic toy used solely as a shield.

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Will's SU-100 takes a strong position alongside one of the bunkers in order to fire on the troops protecting the Flak 88. The Tiger-1 occupies the other bunker on the same side of the field in an effort to cover half of the compound with cross-fire.

Marty's Flak 88 and Chris' T-34 focus on Will's SU-100, while John's Comet focuses on Frank's Tiger. Paint flies from all directions in a battle and nobody feels safe in their position for too long.

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In the second 30 minute period of the first battle, the Rough Riders defend the compound while the Diamondeers attack. The Tiger and KV-1 dig in behind the houses, while the SU-100 establishes a strong flank position. The Goer arrives with another load of ammo for the artillery, which are both on the side of the compound facing the Diamondeer home base.