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R/C Tank Combat

Invasion of Smallville

by Vern Dernberger

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On a beautiful autumn morning, members of the Maryland Attack Group arrived at their annual stockholders meeting and were greeted by Queenie Patton, the General's Wife, in front of her new deluxe country estate (tastefully decorated by world famous Bugalows by Beth). Protected by her own private security force, Queenie quickly dispensed with questions about improper use of corporate funds and abuse of power.

Adjacent to Queenie's new home was a new guest cottage (custom built by Hayes Tract Homes) and the beginning of a new two-story stable for half a dozen prized horses. Designed and constructed by Marlow & Sons, the deluxe stable would require months of additional work and customization before it would be complete. When asked where all the money would come from, Queenie simply replied, "I guess we'll just have to raise taxes!!"

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With the General nowhere in sight (many believe that he had a few too many conversations with Captain Morgan and Jim Beam the night before), arguments quickly broke out and two factions soon formed. The Diamondeers, consisting of John, Tony, Joe, Chris, Rick, and Marty, all of whom had close business ties with the General and his wife, saw no problem with Queenie's spending and felt it was "good for the economy". (John and Tony sell the couple lavish jewelry virtually every month, Joe provides state of the art home electronics, Chris is pursuing a landscaping deal purportedly worth millions, and Rick and Marty developed their estate houses.) Clearly, with such lucrative deals on the line, there is no doubt that their loyalties to the General's Wife run deep.

Opposing the Diamondeers was a band of fiscal conservatives riding under the name Rough Riders, including Will, Frank, Steve, Paul and Karl. Their quest was nothing short of a balanced budget and full accountability of corporate funds. They wanted Queenie to immediately cease all construction projects, return all new clothes and postpone delivery of the horses.

In addition to these veteran battlers, two father-son teams Justin & Tom and Jesse & Jeff were given a tour of the lavish compound, complete with marble floors, gold bathroom fixtures and diamond chandeliers.

Having seen too much, the Rough Riders demanded answers to their questions. Queenie politely refused, offering everyone mint tea on her new patio, served on a new silver platter by a "waiter" carrying automatic weapons. War broke out immediately.