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by John "Is 24 volts really worth it?" Pittelli

A young man (under 50) had a dream. To have a tank as mobile as his friends. With power and traction to play with the bigger boys in the weeds was his dream. To hunt others down, instead of being the hunted. To carry enough CO2 and batteries so he could roam the field at will.

And so the Comet was found to have the attributes necessary to fulfill these ambitions. Wide body, long chassis length and a beautifully roomy turret. The cardboard mock-ups proved his calculations and so construction began. Designed as a test mule for different systems meant that it must have easily removed components.

Without the usual R&D it went bravely to battle in Monkton where a few teething problems made their presence known. But the Comet showed a vision of things to come and the young man ( under 50 ) was pleased. The Battle For Smallville however,proved very disconcerting. Not maneuverable in the bocage and consuming battery power in minutes, led to a long sad day for the commander and raised doubts about his new gun platform.

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So the slightly older young man( now 50) tackled the problems in the winter. Testing his battery supply found a defective main battery. Further drive train testing found a brush stuck on one of the EV warriors, which accounted for the lack of maneuver.

Noting that the actuators seemed to fire the guns more rapidly than a servo, an upgrade was made (see photo).

New main batteries were purchased for testing. And so the Comet went to Risk Revenge ready to play with the big boys. But alas, the Comet was to be alone for most of the day. His teammates broke down or disappeared. Moving around at will was wonderful, there was a bit of a spark in the commanders step as he hunted down prey. Sadly though help was either never nearby or without ammo if nearby. The commander did find enjoyment in learning how to assault the Navarone single handed and destroy the former nuisance. And Tabby chasing was great fun also, more about the Tabby's secret weapon later.
Lessons Learned:

1. At 12 volts, I changed the battery after 30 minutes in the first battle as a test. Did not have to change CO2 at all. 12 oz bottle more than sufficient.

2. Bad paint breaks in the tubes. Note to self, stop using unknown paint.

3. Second hour ran with two 26ah batteries in the bay. Plenty of power throughout the hour, extra weight was not a factor. Rough testing of batteries showed very similar discharges on all 4 batteries used for battle.

4. Added mufflers to tank as brush guards for switches. Worked perfectly (see photo).

5. Be careful when operating the Navarone. While tracking an enemy vehicle I blew off the head of one of my own guards.

6. Blowing away the Cromwell and the Comet. Priceless. Yes, I showed Kurt no mercy while he was driving ... after all, he did take out my second guard.


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