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by Kurt "The Alliance Lives" XXX

Would you travel 2300 miles to battle?

Would you drive into the wilds of Maryland to meet the enemy in what could be an ambush?

Would the "Vegas Alliance" be enough to protect ones butt?

The answers to all the above is a definitive "YES". An unqualified "YES". I was shown the controls and turned loose on the field of battle. It was a "baptism under fire" in the truest sense. I was shown the fury of the battle and I am excited.

Upon arriving at the battle field, I was introduced to all battlers. Everyone was very willing to show and tell anything about their tanks. It was interesting to witness the "Psy War" pre-battle games being waged by all. The newest wares were on display by Tyng Industries and MAG. Everyone made me feel welcome. I wandered around oogling all the tanks, pestering their commanders with questions about the inner workings.

Soon it was time to battle. YES! To battle! I was in command of the dreaded Navarone Gun. This is an awesome piece of hardware. It was easy to learn and was very reliable. With the commencement of battle, I drew a sight to the far side of the field searching out the enemies supply vehicle. Spying the UN vehicle approaching the forward base, I let a shot loose and promptly hit ROB square in the goggles! Oops, sorry, time to re-evaluate the guns elevation and get down to business. (Note: always wear safety gear anywhere near a battle.) The sounds of men yelling and the guns roaring all blend together and I soon find myself in the flow of the battle. All too soon an hour is up and the battle comes to an end.

During the first half of the next battle John hands me the command of the Comet. My first foray as a tank commander would be in control of the same type tank I am building. Soon the order to battle comes and I move out of home base, wondering if I'll have what it takes to distinguish myself in battle. I try support roles with my team and when I get a chance I try doing some independent maneuvers to push forward and capture the town. At one point I find myself alone between the enemy supply base and the town. For a short time I was able to cut the supply line. I met the enemy and I think everyone of them killed me. All too soon I had to relinquish the command back to John and take over the big gun again (Thanks John).

The battle raged on for my comrades in what turned out to be a vain effort to keep control of the town. The "WACKER WILD ONES" proved the better team this day as the town fell to their relentless attacks and tactics.

I have to say that I had a great time and I will really step-up my build of the Comet.

Lessons learned by a Rookie:

  1. These things are FUN!!!
  2. Don't stop shooting just because you have one hit on an enemy and are trying to bring it to their attention.
  3. Learning the rules of who/how many can be in home base at same time.
  4. Artillery is FUN!!!
  5. Supply Vehicles have FUN too!!!
  6. Battlers were speculating on the potential of speedy, armed, armored trucks. Hmmm, who will be the first to test the theory???

I want to thank John for letting me abuse his tank, Frank for use of the Navarone Gun, Will for the gift, and all the battlers for a great time. Vegas will soon have it's first tank and it WILL attract others so that we too will battle in the desert and uphold the proud traditions set forth by MAG.

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