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John learned that his new camera does not have the range of his old one and that he need's to cut out some vibration that exists in the mount. Which is quite odd as there is a rubber spacer that locks the camera down.

The opening scene does contain a great shot of Paul's new tank.

Joe, CEO and head contractor, Paul and John started off defending the town. Object was to survive 30 minutes with one live tank always within the town limits. You can see the perimeter marked by the orange cones.

Opening round John takes some paint to the barrel. You can see it splatter.

In the scene where the Comet ends up on the tree, John was having one of the glitches mentioned earlier.

As the video ends, the Comet was heading back to reload having waited for the Hetzer to get back into the town. That's when John noticed smoke coming from Paul's Panzer II.

Final episode. The BrownWater plan was to lure one of the enemy tanks out of the town. That way there would only be one to kill in the town. Opening scene, plan worked well. Frank's Tiger comes charging out. John tried slinging paint down his barrel in hopes of clogging it up. Unfortunately it did not work. The Tiger then ran around the tree, the Comet got stuck on a root, and died a glorious death.

Next scene. John goes to help Joe who is facing off with Will. We drive him back, but they keep missing him.

Trouble-shooting the Panzer II after it smoked while defending the town. How many mechanics does it take to fix a Panzer? A couple of wire-ties should solve everything!!
Trouble-shooting continues.

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