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R/C Tank Combat

October Revolution


by Chris Malton

After the Chelmsford Conflict, there was little we could do. We were short of supplies, and more importantly, firepower. A dire situation for most of us. And then the order came to start withdrawing. Forces were spread thinly and we needed to regroup. We started retreating, towards the South-West at first, but we met resistance time and time again. It was now the start of September, and the leaves were beginning to turn. All that we knew was that before too long, we would be back out there, battling against the King's Own Regiment, fighting for freedom.

With government money running thin on the ground, replacing severely damaged tanks became difficult. My crew remember that our tank was left for enemy capture, left to rust just weeks ago, because there was no time to get it to a safe place for repairs. In a case of spending what little money is left, my crew are now in charge of a small Locust M22, bought from the Funky Tank Foundry.

We're only just surviving in here. The radio rarely crackles into life these days. Few units are left, and those that are stay off the airwaves. When we do here the hiss of static briefly, we know we're in good company.

Just yesterday, there was good news that came from Essex. Technicians that we met shortly before the Chelmsford Conflict have a successfully restored most of their Challenger tank. For us, this is a real help, a much needed asset for the firepower support that it can give. Sadly, Essex is now a long way out of our grasp. We had to move, and fast, if we were to get there before the King's Own Regiment got there......