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PzII First Battle


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The Pz II performed admirably in its first battling event. It was so sweet to be able to be able to shoot and scoot, or stand off for long range shots. e had one glitch show up of course. Half-way through the morning battle on Saturday I noticed that my rotate was not moving smoothly at full power. Very odd but, since the tank turns very well not an issue.

But by the end if the morning session, I could not turn the turret if the tank was moving. Worked fine if stationary. Testing of the battery that supplied the board and servos revealed that it had drained from 12 to 8.5 volts. My battery charger also revealed a bad cell. We believe that the chatter from my elevate servo was the possible culprit. So, in addition to fixing Frank's TTS at lunch, we also rewired my tank to use the main batteries to power the boards. It worked well. My elevate servo was still chattering and was sending some interference, but not to the extent as in the morning. Testing of the main batteries revealed no adverse voltage drops. As a matter of record, after one hour of battle both batteries only dropped a half volt each from 13.25 to 12.7. And I was all over the field. Even came across the Cromwell stuck in a rut amidst the pines. Steve said" Save your paint, you've got the points".

The hardest part during my 3 battles was adjusting to the gun being off set. Other notes, the 4 oz bottles lasted a full hour, even with many reloads. Switching from macro line to the braided really eliminated the leaks.

Looking forward to the posting of the battle scores. Big Smile here.

PZ II running through tall grass hunting acting as the Tiger's wing man in pursuit of the Cromwell.
It's not all action during the battles. Sometimes battlers are just mulling around the pit area waiting until the battle begins.
The Pz II takes on the Tiger.
Assorted views of the assets. The last clip shows two of the newest tanks along with the oldest tank.

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