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R/C Tank Combat

Moors Marderes

Battle Report

by Neil Rochford

The venue was thanks to Mr Pete Arundel and along with the weather could not be better. The site has easy vehicle access together with interesting battling terrain. If anyone wishes to come and just spectate they can do so from the road, safely in a lay by some 40 feet above the battle zone so not requiring a paintball mask. A crate of beer secured the use of the site and it is hoped that the same trick can be preformed early in 2011.

The FTF are always eager to recruit new members, R/C tank combat battling is fun but will be even better with more assets creating bigger battles. A new possible future tanker named Tony Andrew joined the proceedings at the 10/10/10 battle. It is hoped he will build himself a tank and join our band of merry men.

It is the request of the FTF that UK members concentrate their effort to produce battle photos / reports, it would be great to benefit from everybody's battle points of view and not just the efforts of one.