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R/C Tank Combat

Maryland Massacre


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The Maryland Massacre was the largest R/C tank combat battle to date, with 13 participants and 10 battlers competing on the field in the first battle.

Back Row: (left to right)
Steve, Nathan, Marty, Mike, Joe
Front Row: (left to right)
Will, Paul, John, Frank
Not Shown:
Shane, Kent, Art, Ryan

Many thanks to Brian and Ken for taking lots of still photos and videos of the various battles.

Here are some of the vehicles that participated in the battles. A total of 8 armed vehicles (Panther not shown), 1 artillery piece, 1 armored car and two support vehicles.

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Will's Panther (T017) is operated by Shane, who is Steve's 15 year old nephew. (Why didn't I get to play in games like this at his age!!!)
The venerable Tiger-1 (T001) shows off a new paint job outside, along with a new set of overlapping road-wheels. Inside, the Tiger has a new transmission box, new motor mounts, new rear axle assembly, new electronics layout, new rotate system, improved elevate, new CO2 system and improved magazine. Other than that, it's still the same old tank!

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The Hetzer (T010) comes to the battle with some beefed up internal structures and is ready to prove itself again.
The Panzer IV (T012) shows off a new camo scheme (this time painted with something that resists paintball goo) to go with his new welded chassis, new road-wheels, new tracks and new drive system. Lots of work by the Pittelli brothers over the winter.

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The M520 Goer (SV005) rolls onto the field for its first battle. It would be operated by Marty The Legend Hayes, who has over 15 years experience in the R/C warship combat world, but is still earning his stripes in the tank division. Hayes Hauling Company brought a 6x10 to the field (SV006), but it was unable to operate on the rough terrain, so Marty decided to lease the Goer from Tyng/Tri-Pact for a "slight fee".
The dreaded T34 (T005) is always ready for battle. Although only a few modications since last year, the T34 is sporting a new wireless pin-hole camera mounted neatly inside the cupola. (Unfortunately, the camera failed during the first battle without capturing any battle footage.)

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The KV-1 (T018) sports a new turret, new gun, new rotate system, new elevate system and new road-wheels. Participating in its second event, much is expected from the KV-1 and its operator.
The SU-100 is Will Montgomery's 3rd operational tank. The wide front provides plenty of defense, with lots of room for installing the gun, which elevates and pivots. Will has decided that the EV-Warriors turn the tank well-enough that a rotating turret isn't really needed. Only the battlefield will prove whether he is right.

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The U.N. Support Vehicle (SV004) was converted to an armored car in order to enforce the U.N.'s self-declared monopoly on supplying ammo to all sides. Moreover, the vehicle tows a 155mm artillery piece leased by the U.N. from Tri-Pact. The U.N. (Mike and Nathan Blattau) intend to destroy any support vehicles operated by rogue trucking companies, such as Hayes Hauling Company, during the conflict.