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Maryland Massacre

Battle #2

Battle #2 Summary

With the Russians soundly defeating the Germans in the first battle, the teams were re-arranged into Red and Blue teams, with the Red team consisting of the T34, Panzer-IV, Hetzer and U.N. Armored Car and the Blue team consisting of the Tiger, KV-1, SU-100 and the Goer. The same battle scenario would be used, with a forward base for each team, serviced by one supply vehicle on each side. The U.N. Armored Car would pull double duty, towing a trailer for supplies and shooting at opposing vehicles whenever it had a chance. The Red team's home base was on the eastern front, with the Blue team on the western front.

Goer Just Keeps Going
The most dramatic turn-around during lunch-time was the revival of the M520 Goer by replacing the burnt out speed controller by the prototype Tri-Pact speed controller used originally in the Tiger. Although there wasn't sufficient time to connect the controller up to the Goer's radio, a simple tether control could be used to drive the Goer around from 5-6 feet away.

As soon as war was declared, Marty Hayes took control of the Goer and headed straight for the forward base. He was determined to keep the war going with plenty of ammo and to break the U.N.'s monopoly in the ammo business. With a total of 13 successful runs and 4 steals from the opposing forward base, Marty has definitely set a high mark for future supply vehicle drivers. During the hour-long battle, the Goer was killed only twice, despite being the slowest and least maneuverable vehicle on the battlefield. Stealth is Marty's middle name.

Ironically, despite the large number of successful supply runs, Marty earned only nominal points for the Hayes Trucking Company. That is, since his own vehicle didn't work on the rough terrain, Marty needed to "lease" the Goer from Tyng/Tri-Pact for the battle. Apparently, Marty failed to read the fine print in the lease and the lion's share of his points went to Tyng/Tri-Pact to pay the leasing charges. Clearly, Marty will need to work on his own supply vehicle to turn a nicer profit on the battlefield.

U.N. Goes Belligerent
As anticipated by many experts, Mike Blattau's U.N. Armored Car spent more time looking to destroy things than hauling supplies. Although he was able to make 8 successful runs and 2 steals, he wasn't able to keep pace with the Hayes Trucking Company. The Armored Car was killed twice during the battle.

Despite being out hauled by Marty Hayes, the U.N. made their presence known by conducting the first successful intradiction of illegal frieght hauling. That is, the U.N. Armored Car hunted down and killed the Goer while it was trying to steal supplies from the Red teams forward base. Mike feels that such actions will serve as a deterrent to would-be freight haulers trying to undercut the U.N.'s prices.

Long Distance Please
It's easy to find John's Panzer IV on the battlefield, he's always about 30 feet from his home base or forward base, incessantly shelling the opposition from long-range and then running back into base for a quick (e.g., 30 second) re-load. Generally, such an approach limits the number of hits taken on the Panzer-IV, but not this time. In this battle, the Blue team decided to take the battle to the Pz-IV whenever possible. Paul, Will and Frank kept pushing hard into the Red team zone, bringing the battle to John. The Panzer handled the heavy battling very well, without any mechanical breakdowns, but by the time it was all over, the Panzer got killed a total of 4 times, which was the limit for the battle. The Panzer scored a full kill on the KV-1, as well as half kills on the KV-1, Tiger and SU-100, spreading paintballs equally amongst the opposing tanks.

Getting The Kinks Out
The first battling day for Will's SU-100 revealed from problems that needed constant tweaking throughout the second battle. The warp-feed magazine had some glitches that prevented it from supplying paintballs properly. The marker itself also had some problem, preventing it from firing properly. All of these issues kept the SU-100 in home base a lot longer than desired. Accordingly, Will was only able to score 2 kills on the U.N. Armored Car and a 1/2 kill on the T34, well below Will's normal carnage levels.

Hey, This Tank Can't Shoot
With Will in base for repairs, it became clear to Paul that he had to throw the KV-1 into the battle to support the Tiger. Unlike the first battle, the KV-1 was clearly in the thick of things, because by the time the dust settled, he had been killed four times (just like his oldest brother). Unfortunately, the trigger mechanism for the KV-1 failed during the battle and Paul was unable to fire paintballs for a good part of the battle. Since the opposition didn't know that his gun wasn't working properly and brother Frank needed some support, Paul decided to simply drive straight at the opposition, causing as much chaos as he could. So, even though he couldn't shoot at them, he certainly caused them to have problems.

Nonetheless, while it was still alive, the KV-1 started to mix it up with the best of them. Twice the KV-1 went mano-a-mano with the Hetzer and twice the KV-1 was killed. The KV-1 also tangled with the Panzer IV and the T34, who combined to kill the KV-1 as well. The KV-1 did successfully land some shots on the T34 during the battle before his trigger failed.

Three Russians In The Grass
At one point in the battle, the SU-100, KV-1 and T34 decided to take a romp in the grasslands (e.g., Tiger country). The SU-100 (blue) went in first, followed by the T34 (red) and then the KV-1 (blue). With grass and paintballs flying in all direction, it wasn't long before the T34 was hit 3 times and decided to retreat from the grasslands, wounded but not dead. (Even though he was not in any danger, the KV-1 instinctively retreated when the T34 retreated.) Some time later, the SU-100 rumbled out with a triumphant roar of its own.

Band of Brothers
The Pittelli brothers grew up playing plenty of war games, but nothing ever came close to R/C tank combat. During one part of the battle, Paul and Frank found that older brother John was all alone on the southern frontier. Despite the fact that the KV-1's gun trigger was not working, Paul drove straight at the Panzer IV with a hearty "tally ho". The KV-1 and Panzer IV stood toe-to-toe about 5 feet from each other nearby a small rock/tree formation. As the Tiger came around the other side of the rock, John fired and scored a high-angle shot on the side of the KV-1 to kill it, just as Frank scored four quick shots on the Panzer IV to kill it. Pittelli blood everywhere ... oh, the humanity.

Support Would Be Nice
In the first battle, two of the Tiger's four teammates had mechanical problems for much of the battle. In the second battle, two of the Tiger's three teammates had mechanical problems for much of the battle. This was becoming a nasty habit.

In the early part of the battle, when both Will and Paul were operational, the Tiger scored a tri-facta when it found all of the Red team tanks close to their forward base focusing the KV-1 and the SU-100. The Tiger approached from the Blue team forward base and scored 4 quick hits on the Panzer IV to kill it. Then, 3 hits on the Hetzer put it out of commission, followed by a single hit on the T34 to finish it off. With 8 shots in a short period of time, the Tiger swept the field of the Red team armor (at least for a few minutes anyway).

Cheap Plastic Tubing
The Red team would avenge their deaths at the hands of the Tiger later in the battle when the SU-100 and KV-1 were no longer in the battle. At that point, the Tiger found itself surrounded will re-loading at the forward base, T34 to the north, Panzer to the west and Hetzer to the east. While staying in base to assess the situation, the Red team began cajoling the Tiger to come out and play. Just when their chanting began to get louder, the most wonderful of all sounds was heard ... the Hetzer's CO2 line ruptured and was venting gas quickly. In an instant, the Tiger made a bee-line to the Hetzer in hopes of (a) killing it and (b) escaping from the sieged base. Unfortunately, before either of these events could occur, the T34 and Panzer landed some well placed shots and the Tiger was dead for only the first time.

Battle In The Arden
With three lives left, but no support, the Tiger ran deep into the Arden Forest in hopes of leveling the playing field. The Hetzer chased the Tiger into the woods and scored a hit to wound the beast. As the T34 appeared to make matters worse, the Tiger burst through the trees to confront the T34 head-to-head across some heavy brush. Neither tank could land a shot because of the heavy brush and when the Tiger attempted to come around the corner to get the T34, Steve ended the episode with three quick shots.

With less than 10 minutes left in the battle, the Tiger again went into the Arden to survive. This time, the Hetzer and T34 split up and approached the Tiger from opposite sides of the forest. Deciding that his chances would be better against the Hetzer, Frank drove the Tiger to a position on a hill above the Hetzer. As the Hetzer turned the corner, the Tiger drove straight down passed the Hetzer in hopes of getting passed it before it could turn and fire. The sides of the tanks hit as the Tiger drove forward and the Hetzer drove in reverse, with two fenders keeping the vehicles connected. Then, the Tiger slipped past the Hetzer and when Frank tried to spin the Tiger to shoot at the back of the Hetzer, the Tiger hit the safety "kill switch" on the Hetzer, immediately disabling it. While everyone marveled and laughed about the situation, the Tiger put 3 hits on the Hetzer to kill it for a fourth time.

With only a few minutes left, and the T34 still in the woods, the Tiger went hunting again. Through the trees, Frank could see that the T34 was having problems navigating a large rut in the forest. Seizing the opportunity, the Tiger drove back through the same path that the T34 used in the first battle to kill the Panzer IV. With the sounds of crashing branches and snapping twigs, the Tiger found itself 6 feet from the T34, aimed straight at its side. Unfortunately, the Tiger's marker or magazine wasn't working properly and before it could land enough shots on the T34, the T34 recovered from its position and scored enough hits on the Tiger to kill it for a third time.

Battle #2 Photos

Click Photo For Enlargement (360 Kb)
During the lunch break, battlers relax, talk about everything that worked and didn't work during the first battle, and prepare for the afternoon battle. Paul Pittelli takes an opportunity to sit in the shade and drive his KV-1 around waiting for everyone else to get ready. The Tiger has been cleaned of paintball goo and is awaiting a newly filled CO2 bottle and a full magazine of paintballs to be ready for the second battle.
The Tiger-1 gets into a perfect flanking position against the opposing force. A few quick shots are in order before they turn and start hunting the Tiger. A range of 40 feet is optimal in this situation: near enough to shoot accurately and far enough away so that the enemy can't close the distance too quickly.

Click Photo For Enlargement (418 Kb)

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Steve Tyng decides to take the T34 into the tall grass, followed quickly by the Tiger which loves to romp in the thick stuff. Although both tanks can handle the terrain, the T34 soon leaves the grasslands because it doesn't suit his battling style.
The KV-1 and the SU-100 are in a knife-fight with the Panzer IV, while the T34 is being reloaded at the forward base. The Panzer IV has little chance of survival in this position. Will is a deadly-accurate shooter with his SU-100, so if the Pz-IV turns in either direction, he'll be hit. But, if he sits still, the KV-1 will easily land the killer shots. In short ... he's toast.

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In what is becoming a common stand-off, the Tiger draws down on the T34 in hopes of pinning it long enough for reinforcements to arrive. The small trees provide good, although not perfect, side protection. The T34 loves to charge directly at his prey, but the tree limits his movement, so he'll stay further away and try some precision shooting.
The Hetzer's exposed right-angle gears make quick work of a micro-line CO2 line that came too close, causing the Hetzer to lose gun power with a loud rushing sound.

Click Photo For Enlargement (65 Kb)

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Marty Hayes on one of his many supply runs ensuring that his team had plenty of ammo at the forward base and that the other team did not. Marty once questioned the addition of supply trucks to the rules stating "who would want to be unarmed on the battlefield?" However, after watching him have fun all weekend driving the Goer around, I'm not sure if we'll ever convince him to actually shoot something!!
Near the end of the battle, it was the Tiger alone against the other team, so Frank pushed deep into the Arden Forest to try to gain some advantage. The Tiger's drive system has no problem with the hilly and wooded region, so why not take advantage of it. The Hetzer and the T34 approached from both sides attempting to pinch the Tiger in the middle.

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With the same basic drive and track system, the T34 has no problem with the heavy brush either, crashing through the tall grass and branches just like the full-scale version.
When the T34 got caught temporarily in a large rut, the Tiger burst through the trees into a perfect firing position. Unfortunately, with 3 hits already on the Tiger, the T34 finish it off before the T34 could be killed.

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It doesn't get any better than this ... two tanks battling it out in close quarters in the thick underbrush.
Offical Scores for Maryland Massacre Battle #2
Team Asset Operator Hits
Blue T001 Frank Pittelli 12 33 0 0 0 0 3,000 8,250 0.733
  T018 Paul Pittelli 16 1 0 0 0 0 4,000 250 0.059
  T026 Will Montgomery 8 6 0 0 0 0 2,000 1,500 0.429
  SV005 Marty Hayes 2 0 17 0 0 0 500 4,250 0.895
TOTAL 38 40 17 0 0 0 9,500 14,250 0.600
Red T005 Steve Tyng 8 13 0 0 0 0 2,000 3,250 0.619
  T010 Joe Sommer 12 14 0 0 0 0 3,000 3,500 0.538
  T012 John Pittelli 16 10 0 0 0 0 4,000 2,500 0.385
  SV004 Mike Blattau 4 1 10 0 0 0 1,000 2,750 0.733
TOTAL 40 38 10 0 0 0 10,000 12,000 0.545

Asset Type Net Points
T001 PzKpfw VI-I Tiger 5,250
SV005 M520 Goer 3,750
SV004 U.N. Peacekeeper 1,750
T005 T-34-85 1,250
T010 JgPz 38(t) Hetzer 500
T026 SU-100 -500
T012 SdKfz 166 Brummbar -1,500
T018 KV-1 -3,750
Operator Net Points
Frank Pittelli 5,250
Marty Hayes 3,750
Mike Blattau 1,750
Steve Tyng 1,250
Joe Sommer 500
Will Montgomery -500
John Pittelli -1,500
Paul Pittelli -3,750

The number of kills for both sides was basically even, but thanks to the 17 supply runs made by Marty Hayes, the Blue team squeeked out a victory.