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Low Lands Border Conflict

Battle Summary

by Marc Methorst
The Low Lands Border Conflict took place yesterday in Lichtaart, Belgium at Sam's goat farm. Although tempting, we did not chase goats but there was some fierce fighting between the old StuG and the T34. WJ took captured some excellent video footage in Hi Def that I will edit and post later today.

Bearing in mind that this was the first battle for both Sam and myself, we had some technical teething problems. My StuG threw a track 3 times, the trigger servo needed some tweaking and the air pressure was too low. I filled my main air cylinder (meant to refill the tank bottle) three years ago, and some air must have leaked out over the years. So I had to refill the tank bottle every 100 rounds or so. And many times the marker didn't cock itself again because of this low air pressure, especially when the opportunity was there to kill the T34 off. It's Murphy's Law.

Sam had some trouble with the mounting of his servo and paintball goo getting caught in the turret drive system. Since it was our first encounter we did not count any hits or even looked at the rules, we just tried to hit eachother. That's hard enough for the first time. The hits on Sam's steel track fenders made a great clancking noise :-)

All in all we had an excellent day, as the pictures and video will show. In the end, both tanks were still in one piece with no damage. 450 rounds were fired in an excellent battlefield. Sam made a bridge and a tank ditch to be able to perform the 'hull down' tactic.

In between fulfilling his role as a war correspondent WJ worked on his newly acquired truck chassis and made it run and steer by the end of the day.

Sam's brilliant propaganda activities ensured local newspaper coverage the day before, with a huge colour picture of him and his T34 and a very good article about our hobby (with the website mentioned) and the announcement of the battle the next day. This resulted in yet another visit from that same journalist during the battle, accompanied by his editor in chief, who wanted to check thing out himself, and a photographer. Another interview was taken and is planned to be printed in todays or Mondays newspaper. As soon as we've got the scans we'll post it to the group.

Battle summary:

  • Tanks: 2
  • Participants: 3
  • Journalists: 1
  • Weather: the best February has to offer
  • Paintball rounds: 450
  • Goats in farm at start of battle: 220
  • Goats in farm at end of battle: 222

I'd like to thank Sam and his family for hosting this event. It is a great venue and the field we used is suitable for an additional 3-4 tanks.

Oh boy, am I looking forward to May. I'm hooked now.

Although Sam scored the first hit and his tank was more reliable, he had some trouble aiming because the turret drive wheel was all goo-ed up. This resulted in around 8 hits on the sides and back of the T34, and 6 hits on the sides and back of the StuG. So that makes the result 4000 for Sam and 8000 for me I guess?

[Editor's Note: Not quite, Marc, but a good try. The official kills will be determined from the video footage and posted here when completed.]