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by Marc Methorst

The 2007 Belgian government formation followed the general election of 10 June 2007, and consisted of a period of negotiation in which the Flemish parties Open VLD, CD&V and N-VA and the French-speaking parties MR, FDF and CdH negotiated to form a government coalition. The negotiations were characterized by the disagreement between the Dutch- and French-speaking parties about the need for and nature of a constitutional reform. According to some, this political conflict could have led to a partition of Belgium.

On November 6, the formation talks became the longest in Belgian history. When the Parliament confirmed the formation of an interim Government, it had been 196 days since the Belgian people had voted out the previous coalition. It was the second longest formation period in European history, after the Dutch record of 208 days in 1977. Talks were interrupted twice by the resignation of the formateur, which left the political parties waiting for a new appointment by the King. Guy Verhofstadt was appointed as mediator on December 3, with the task not only of looking into the formation of a new government, but also of investigating how the government could handle certain urgent policy matters. Pressed by time, and some say by the King, on 19 December Verhofstadt concluded a deal on a Government and presented it to Parliament on 21 December; on the same day the Ministers took the oath of office. On Sunday 23 December the interim Government officially came into office when it was acknowledged by the lower house of Parliament with 97 votes in favour.

To end indecisiveness and relief the people of Belgium from this government the Dutch have decided to overthrow the Belgian parliament and are mobilizing armed forces in the vicinity of Eindhoven, just across the border with Turnhout, Belgium. It is said that a major strike will take place in this particular area on Saturday february 9th.

Allies, to either Belgian or Dutch armed forces, are invited to join a unique battle at a unique location. Outdoor if weather permits, indoor if it doesn't. Logistics are well being taken care of, including BBQ, Belgian beer and even barracks to bunk overnight.

Just make sure you don't have to tell your grand children that gramps wasn't there when history was written.