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Neil Rochford

In the year 2013 R/C tank building in the UK was launched onto a new plateau, not only was Funkyneroc and his school kids now building tanks four at a time, but a new phenomenon commonly known as generosity ( not always present in the UK ) swept the Nation. First to act were two technology professors from distant and mysterious lands called "Pennsylvania" and "Maryland". UK tankers of all ages spent many hours with eyes transfixed on that part of our globe. The globe is a very new addition to our knowledge of geography as we've recently heard humour that our "flat" maps were out dated. However many of us remain sceptical to these claims. The Professors - Dr. Sommer and Dr. Pitteli kindly donated considerable radio equipment, including transmitters, receivers and servos. Great celebration is planned on the day when someone is found in the UK who has the power to control the dark forces involved in this little understood magic. Funky Neroc and his fair maiden wench set sail for the Americas late September to meet and pay homage to the for-mentioned Professors who are now legends in certain areas of Stockport.

It wasn't thought for one moment that further donations of tank building parts would be offered until a chance email from Mr Phil Palmer of the "Palmer United Front For Tankers Young" or "PUFFTY" was received at the FTF hot line room. Mr Palmer has been a dedicated and respected UK battler from the beginning of UK involvement and joint founder of the KOR. To the delight of the FTF Mr Palmer has donated his entire arsenal of tanks, controllers, batteries, markers, Co2 bottles, you name it. Included in this deal was the full working T055 and requiring some attention T057. The school kids of Stockport Academy cant believe their lucky stars, the joy is plain to see on their faces. The Joy of Funky Neroc is evident in the fact that control of all UK tanks is now under FTF rule. Domination has been achieved through aggressive negotiation and the generosity of others.

These donations have brought forward (possibly by years) the time when "NERF" battles can start in the school. A "rank" system is underway at school where students are awarded points for attending tank building class and for bringing in tank building materials. New kids signing up to tank building swell the lower ranks, after 18 months we have a Sergeant, a Corporal, two Lance Corporals and over a dozen Privates.

In the Battle "Joie de vivre" a new tank was introduced, a British Scorpion built largely by pre teenagers under FTF supervision. UK battles can expect new assets to enter service from this source for many years to come. The "Nerf Wars" can't be documented on the internet due to strict safe guarding rules but that won't stop the FTF from entering school built tanks into paintball battles for "grown-ups".

Despite widespread toothache experienced by Mr Arundel in 2013, the UK has entered a time of tank building prosperity. Our "Joie de vivre" has been raised significantly.