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The War Begins: The first battle begins with a rush by the Green Coalition towards the village of Greensburg and their defenders. A rookie M1A1 stands it's ground along with the veteran SU-100 in the center of town.

Futile Sortie: The Greensburg defenders have mechanical problems early in the battle and the remaining tanks are easy targets for the attackers. Nonetheless, the Goer keeps going ... hauling paint for the Flak 88 which is left to defend on it's own.

Assisting Heidi: Rob Snyder's freshly painted Heidi gets some assistance from the Comet as they kill all of the soldiers guarding the Flak 88.

Tyng The Traitor: The Green Coalition shows no mercy in the heat, despite mechanical problems of their own. They surround the town and await each victim as they come out of home base. But then, the "expected" happens, Tyng's Cromwell goes traitor (he always goes traitor at least once every battle) and starts shooting his ex-teammates. The Green Coalition quickly responds and the Cromwell retreats.

Comet On The Prowl: The Comet goes back to home base for a quick reload and then goes straight after the M1A1 Abrams.

Abrams On The Attack: Tom Lum's Abrams regains composure and takes the battle straight at the Comet, which is truly a menacing sight captured by the Comet's gun camera. Determined to put an end to the one-sided propaganda video, Tom shoots a paintball right at the camera lens (behind a protective cover), accomplishing his mission with a spray of pink paint.

The M1A1 rolls into town to take up a defensive position. Even at 1:6 scale, the M1A1 is an imposing presence on the battlefield. Although this is only his first battle, Tom charges straight at the Comet and pins him against the woods in hopes of getting some help from teammates.

With the Comet pinned, the M1A1 moves in with some advice from Frank.

Having blinded the Comet's gun camera, the Abrams gets some support from the Cromwell and pushes the Comet deeper into the woods. The Cromwell finally flushes the Comet out and gets behind it for the kill.

The Cromwell drives up and over a tank trap to attack the M1A1. The high-speed attack by the veteran Cromwell is well-defended by the M1A1, which then chases the Cromwell until it runs out of ammo.

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