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The following photos were taken by Mark Massey during the event:
  • Battlers prepare for battle
  • Horse ride on Gettysburg Battle Field
  • Horse ride on Gettysburg Battle Field
  • Paul and Joe joke with Doug about his backpack
  • April wonders how the war was lost
  • Doug and his backpack are ready for battle
  • Frank explains where he got hit by April
  • Will cleans the video lense as the battle draws near
  • Marty's Leopard has no run to spare inside
  • All tanks are almost ready to rumble
  • Smiles all around
  • Enjoy more photos of the battlers and their tanks at:
  • Doug Conn's Photo Album

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    Marty snapped a picture of our new batch of battlers April, Mark and Tracy (left-to-right) who enjoyed the day and look forward to battling again in a few months.
    Inside Marty's STUG showing an old style transmission with EV Warriors. Most tanks now use geared scooter motors to save both weight, space and battery energy.

    Click Photo For Enlargement (311 Kb)
    First Battle (Will Montgomery)
    During the first battle, the scenario required teams to pick up the General and his wife from two locations on the battlefield (surrounded by artillery and both opposing forces) and deliver them to the central tower at the same time. This video was shot from Will's SU-100 tank destroyer as it prowled around the outskirts of the town. The SU-100 was part of Team Tropic Thunder which successfully united the General and his wife twice during the battle, soundly defeating Team Cliffhanger.
    Every Man For Himself (Will Montgomery)
    After the first and second battles were done, it was decided to battle Every Man For Himself for bragging rights. Once destroyed, a tank would be out of the battle. The sole survivor would be the winner. As this video shows, the rows of pine trees would be the favored turf for many tanks and eventually Joe and Frank emerged as the co-winners, both too experienced to lose a one-on-one face-off.
    Tank Crash (Mark Massey)
    Doug's tank runs over John's tank. Joe Sommer and Frank Pittelli laying in ambush in the trees A bit of excitement in the final free-for-all battle.
    Stand Off (Mark Massey)
    Joe Sommer vs. Frank Pittelli after everyone else had been eliminated. Both veterans know that the first tank to turn will lose, so neither one gives the other a shooting angle and eventually both agree it should be a draw.

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