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R/C Tank Combat

Gettysburg 2008

Battle Video


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Solo Attack and Suicide Run
This first one is the second attack I made that day. I swing around to the left side of town and take some long range pot shots. I then move in closer engaging Frank who is behind a bush. I make a final dash which ends in defeat. I was having gun and feed problems all day and you will note no rounds being fired as I engage Frank at close range.

Easy Points
This clip is later in the day. It is after a time out was called. I engaged Will Montgomery and noted he had run out of ammo. I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some points! This was a passing attack firing on the run. On the pass I land two shots and then finish with two rear shots from close range.

A View From A Tiger Tank
It was the last battle of the weekend and the Cromwell had a broken marker so we mounted my camera on Frank's Tiger. Enjoy Frank's battling style and check out the infamous broken barrel incident at the 5:36 mark. Let the world decide what really happened.

Hollow Axle?
Some brotherly love on the battlefield!

Town Tour
A trip through the battlefield from the Cromwell's perspective. The Cromwell's reputation is so fearsome check out Frank's response to a little charge at the 4:48 mark.

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