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R/C Tank Combat

Gettysburg 2008



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Battlers are ready for a fun day of battling on a beautiful fall day in Gettysburg.

John moves the Comet into position during the second "every man for himself" battle in which the battlers have to blow open the casino door and haul the gold to the designated marker to win the battle. Each battler, however, battles on their own, with all other battlers their possible friend or foe. Alliances form quickly and dissolve just as fast as veterans figure out how to defeat everyone else.

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The "village" is looking more like a metropolis as more buildings are built. The Marlows are single-handedly creating a complete 1:6 scale world for battling, complete with castle, casino, barn and other buildings and obstacles.

Frank positions the Tiger inside the village, but hidden from the Navarone's view. His goal, as well as that of all other tankers, is to silence the Navarone as quickly as possible by shooting the four guards positioned around it. From it's current vantage point, the Tiger had a direct shot at three of the guards and quickly dispatched them when the battle began ... much to the joy of the other tankers. With the Navarone out of the way, the next step would be to blow the casino door ... without be killed by the other tankers.

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Will picks a nice spot for his SU-100, close enough to the casino to keep an eye on everyone, while protected on the sides by trees. Most of the battle would be fought with the Tiger in the town, the Comet outside in the open field and the SU-100 in the trees.

The Tiger blows open the casino door, but leaves the gold in place while it attempts to move the SU-100 out of it's defensive position. While the Tiger and SU-100 tangle in the trees to the west of town, the Comet sneaks into town from the east, grabs the gold and heads for home. The "every man for himself" scenario is definitely one of the trickiest battling formats, especially when all of the battlers are veterans with fully operational tanks.

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Doug Conn's controller is clearly the most sophisticated in the hobby. The backpack holds the master computer, radio gear and battery. The hand-held gamepad and LCD display provide Doug with complete control over the vehicle, while being able to view video from on-board cameras if he's not in bright sunlight.

The unofficially designated "X2" is an Italian medium tank-destroyer that Joe Sommer is developing as a kit. An inexpensive, but durable, molded plastic hull with a simple, but effective, suspension system are driven by dual drill motors to provide a very nice chassis. The tracks are made from durable plastic links, with custom designed and water-cut drive sprockets. The chassis performed very well throughout the day, serving as a supply vehicle.

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A close-up of the suspension system, designed to be easy to mass produce and assemble. Each pair of wheels are suspended by a novel "leaf spring" system that is simple, but very effective. No special tools or skills are needed to build the suspension, just bolt the parts together. The entire lower hull kit can probably be built in a weekend.

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