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Fall Brawl 2006



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A veteran team including Steve, John, Will and Joe would have to attack the town first. This would be a very difficult chore considering that the village defenses included 5 tanks and 3 artillery pieces. After their 30 minute attempt, the other team of 5 tanks would have the same uphill battle to fight.
Defense in depth: Chris Wacker's T34 backs up Tom Tanner's Panther as they await the attacking force. At least one tank needs to stay in the village for 30 minutes to prevent the attackers from winning 5,000 mission points.

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The rest of the defenders stand ready for the battle to begin. Amir's T34 had some motor problems, so he rolled it into position as an artillery piece, right in front of the village.
During one high-speed attack on the village, Steve's Cromwell rammed into the Navarone Gun and was permanently "branded" by the Navarone muzzle. Despite the heavy impact, the Navarone suffered no damage, primarily due to the recent upgrade which incorporated a welded steel mount for the marker and barrel.

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The KV1 gets hung up on two of the improved tank traps as he attempts to overrun the village defenses. Based on this success and the ease with which they can be produced, we can expect more traps in the future.

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