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Operation Coxsackie Freedom


The following secret communication was intercepted by Vern DernBerger a few days after Operation Coxsackie Freedom had been concluded. Clearly, the northern push by the Maryland Attack Group into New York state was just a prelude to something much bigger.

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Herr General,

As you already know, Operation Coxsackie Freedom was a resounding success. MAG forces trooped the colors and were met with no resistance (see target #1 on map). We also have added new recruits to the MAG sphere of influence.

Intel reported that the Eastern Canadian Alliance (ECA), headed by John "our next export is Celine's sister" Barager, began mobilizing their paltry forces the day we left Coxsackie. We felt that this would be the prime opportunity to implement Operation Bonjour, a first hand look at Mr. Barager's readiness.

We started by retracing the Coxsackie route of march but then changed course outside of New Jersey, in case the ECA was lying in wait in Montreal. enetration of the Canadian border took place at 22:00 on 13 Sept. With Fraulein Helga, our best female operative, we easily passed as an American couple on vacation.

The main objective, The Citadel of Quebec, was successfully reached at 13:30 on 14 Sept (target #2 on map). As you can see from the adjacent recon photo of their defensive artillery, they are totally unprepared for the defense of their territory. Their arms are in a total state of dis-repair and it is doubtful that they have sufficient resources to repair them. The so-called Canadian dollar is currently worth about 1 U.S. cent, which is just barely enough to purchase a 6-pack of the best Canadian beer. Other photos of the state of chaos in Quebec will be sent under separate cover.

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I succeeded in arranging perfect cover for the infiltration of our forces when we send in the occupation forces, as can be seen in the adjacent photo. It seems that the City of Quebec has a fondness for Spam. We passed an entire convoy of Spam-carrying trucks when entering the city. And, once we learned the codeword "Bonjour, bonjour" the citizens of Quebec opened their hearts to us. It seems they still have bad memories of "The Conquest" and they do not wish to be a part of Barager's Alliance.

With this information, MAG intel has developed the following plan:

  1. Purchase all of their casinos
  2. Increase holdings in Armour Meat Co
  3. Meet with francophone leaders
Control of the Citadel gives us control of the St. Lawrence and splits the main Canadian highway. With all Spam products in our hands and control of transportation, Mr. Barager will not be able to mobilize his forces.
Now onto MAG financial matters. On our way back to the homeland, we stopped at the Borgata (target #3 on map) to seal financial arrangements with the Nguyen brothers, Scotty and Men "The Master". We were also approached by Amir Vahedi. All have agreed to play at our new expanded casinos in Quebec Province once we have acquired them and they have fully invested in our 5-year fund. That means that we now have sufficient cash for all of our domestic, continental and international plans, allowing Mr. Tyng to proceed with Operation Slow Boat.

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In closing, the adjacent photo shows the only operational cannon at the Citadel, which is conveniently pointing towards the Parliament building. They make invasion way too easy.
Long Live MAG,

Oberst Johann