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Battle #1 Summary

Down the Rabbit Hole (or Frank's Day of Pain, Wonderment and Abandonment)
by Steve Tyng

It was a gray dreary morning as I arrived at the Montgomery Memorial Battle field with the weather gods threatening rain throughout the day. As is not my usual custom I showed up really late instead of only moderately so. After the mandatory ribbing regarding my time management skills I proceeded to prep the new and improved Cromwell for the days battling. Today I would test the speed demon of the R/C Combat universe at a 20% reduced top end. The winds are changing in our hobby with a proposed speed limit rule being discussed (as a safety measure) so today the Cromwell would be known as the "Safety Cromwell". Ten minutes later which consisted of unloading the vehicle and installing two new and freshly charged batteries and topping off the CO2 tank I was ready to go, or so I thought. The gun wouldn't fire or elevate which suggested dead batteries in the turret. I want to thank Will for the loan of AA batteries which corrected the fault (I forgot to bring extra). With the new AA's installed and paintballs loaded I fired off some test rounds and tested overall functionality. Everything seemed ready to go except for a CO2 leak from one of the macro line fittings. This normally isn't a big issue because the fittings usually seal up after a few minutes of battling so I closed the turret up and waited for the start of the game.

The first battle we were going to play it old school with no town or barriers and a limited number of combatants (like the old days). Only those I call "the hardcore" showed up to brave the rain (Frank, Will, John, Joe, myself, and now Doug). The battle was going to be shoot-em- up three on three with Doug manning the Navarone gun for my team. Doug's Tiger was having an issue and we were waiting for the Geeks-on- Call tech to show up to fix it (seems he was having a network issue). Joe and the Hetzer rounded my team out with the old TriPact core of Frank, Will and John opposing us. Joe and I decided to use close team tactics and support and defend Doug and the Nazarone gun instead of our usual lone-wolf tactics.

I would like to say that the days first battle was a wonderment of tactical prowess, speeding tanks, and flying paintball's but I cannot. Maybe it was the gray dreary day invading our tanks systems but the first battle was more malfunction than battle. I recall the Hetzer being wheeled of the field due to a power issue, the Comet stopped mid field and wouldn't move, and that CO2 leak of mine cost me a kill! About that lost kill, for whatever odd reason Frank fancies himself as a great woodsmen with his venerable T001 Tiger (Mk12). Frank just loves to romp in the woods under the delusion he can go wherever he pleases and gain some sort of tactical advantage over his adversaries. Early in the battle and during one of Franks delusional periods I noted the Tiger in the woods. I sauntered over to checkup on Frank and make sure he wasn't hurting himself or lost. While I was heading over that way with concerns for my friend I noted the Tiger vainly trying to pound its way through thick underbrush and flank me. I couldn't help but notice the entangled status of the aging and apparently senile cat so I swung around behind it with intent to take it out Kelly's Heroes style since he couldn't turn or swing his turret around. At this point Frank must have snapped out of his stupor, noted his current situation, quickly formulated a plan to extradite himself from this precarious spot, and proceeded to back the Tiger directly into the Cromwell (the only way out of this rabbit hole he.d created)! Well at this point I'm thinking to myself, surely Frank will not breach the Cromwell's five foot radius zone and thus violate the rules but that's just what he apparently intended to do! Instead of quoting scripture I decided to give Frank the benefit of doubt (considering his current mental state and all) and started backing out myself since I still had the easy kill. OR SO I ASSUMED! At this point the Cromwell is backing off, the Tiger is doing its best to run over me in reverse and I start firing to land the four quick hits for the kill, but what does happen? After landing two shots on the ass of the Tiger I hear the distinctive bluuurb of an empty CO2 tank! I realize in an instant that the stupid CO2 leak never sealed and it cost me my first kill of the day! That not being bad enough, realizing I've got no gun (of course Frank now knows my predicament) I try to get out of there as quickly as possible, still reversing into thick brush (because Frank wasn.t stopping!), and I manage to turn my power switch off on the thick underbrush, Cromwell goes dead, and Frank gets the easy kill I thought was going to be mine... Long story short, macro lines suck!

At this point, licking my wounds I go and get a CO2 fill. I try to jiggle the macro line to get the o-rings to seal and they do to some extent. Topped off with CO2 I proceed back to field and what do I see but the Tiger BACK IN THE WOODS! Seems Frank slipped into his stupor again and is trying to pull the same maneuver with Joe's Hetzer as the intended target. With vengeance on the forebrain I speed over that way, Joe swings around and pins Frank into his rabbit hole and I smash into the woods opposite of where Frank was attempting to go, get within five feet, and land the kill shot on the right of the Tigers turret! After this righteous kill I putter around the battlefield, firing shots off at whomever, and loose CO2 again! I say to hell with it and go to replace my macro line. While replacing the macro line, John's Comet experiences a controller failure and an early lunch is called.

Where Did I Go?
by Frank "Bushman" Pittelli

Needless to say, we had loads of fun despite the normal mechanical, electrical and mental breakdowns throughout the day. Fortunately, the rain stayed away for the battles (it's basically been raining for the last 5 days in Maryland).

The Tiger operator will eventually figure out which trees and bushes are too large to go through/over, but fortunately the Tiger itself clawed it's way out of all the predicaments. At one point, the Tiger was sliding slowing backwards down a 30 degree slope towards a small creek. Every time the engine was cranked up, it slipped a little more backwards instead on the dirt and wet vines. Within a few feet of the creek, the operator was debating when to throw in the towel and drag the wounded Tiger out in shame. Fortunately, with one last full power attempt, the Tiger tracks grabbed hold of something and almost catapulted itself up the incline to "safety" ... where it was immediately assaulted by the Hetzer and Cromwell. Apparently, every time the Tiger went into the woods to "bait" the Hetzer and Cromwell into engaging, it's comrades, the Comet (mobile or bunker) and the SU-100 decided it was time to reload at home base!!!

Nonetheless, the Tiger will continue to harass and confuse the opposition by taking up residence, whenever possible, in the really nasty stuff behind enemy lines. It might not be the best tactics from a points perspective, but it definitely raises the anxiety and excitement levels of all battlers involved. There's nothing like trying to control or capture a Tiger in the bush.

Into the Valley of Death, Drove the Six Tankers
by John Pittelli

Yes, it was that type of day. Doug's wireless card was not speaking to anyone for Sortie #1. Frank's gun did not want to work, luckily I had brought extra o-rings and plenty of lube. The Comet somehow threw a track during practice maneuvers. It was the beginning of an interesting day.

The first sortie was slightly different with Doug on the Navarone. Since it sits much higher than a tank, he did not realize that a little elevation meant high shots. Usually they were screaming past my ears. Hmmmm, maybe that was planned. I finally decided to put him out of his misery and attacked and destroyed the piece. That's when one motor went dead. As Frank led us through trying to decipher the cause I then heard the whispered words "opto-isolator problem". Anyway, valiant efforts to get the Comet mobile during lunch were abandoned and I brought out the base for the Bunker. It only took about 5 minutes to transplant the necessary parts out of the hull to make the turret operate as the Bunker. And then, I guess it was the balance of electrons freed from the opt-isolator, Doug's wireless card was on speaking terms now with the rest of his equipment.

The carnage was magnificent. During the early stages of the battle Doug, Steve and Joe were driving as a unit. I was put out of commission twice when they were able to assault my position in unison. It was a little harder being artillery on this day as you had to double as the supply vehicle. Can you believe that we had 4 visitors, they actually drove to see the battles, and none of them wanted to drive a truck? Crazy man, crazy.

And for those that posed a certain question, to make you feel better, I ordered tubes that hold only 10 rounds. Should I have to be the Bunker again, I'll only load 10 at a time just like the Navarone . But just remember, it's much easier to reload my Comet than the Navarone, and your not supposed to fire at artillery while it's being reloaded. Oh yes, the tubes have quick fill caps. I think my rate of fire will not be that much different. Besides ,it's all in the accuracy. Right Joe?

Valley of Death Video
by John Pittelli

As you can see, having lots of rounds did not prevent Joe, Steve and Doug from wiping me out many times.

First Sortie
And Dead Again
Tiger Denied Ammo
Charge of the Cromwell
They Return

Offical Scores for Corporate Takeover Battle #1
Team Asset Operator Hits
TriPact Global T001 Frank Pittelli 12 19 0 0 0 0 3,000 4,750 0.613
  T026 Will Montgomery 12 7 0 0 0 0 3,000 1,750 0.368
  T039 John Pittelli 8 21 0 0 0 0 2,000 5,250 0.724
  SV005 Guest 2 0 16 0 0 0 500 4,000 0.889
TOTAL 34 47 16 0 0 0 8,500 15,750 0.649
YomamaDyne Tech T010 Joe Sommer 19 13 0 0 0 0 4,750 3,250 0.406
  T040 Steve Tyng 16 16 0 0 0 0 4,000 4,000 0.500
  T058 Doug Conn 12 5 0 0 0 0 3,000 1,250 0.294
TOTAL 47 34 0 0 0 0 11,750 8,500 0.420

Asset Type Net Points
SV005 M520 Goer 3,500
T039 Comet 3,250
T001 PzKpfw VI-I Tiger 1,750
T040 A27M Cromwell MkVI 0
T026 SU-100 -1,250
T010 JgPz 38(t) Hetzer -1,500
T058 PzKpfw VI-I Tiger -1,750
Operator Net Points
Guest 3,500
John Pittelli 3,250
Frank Pittelli 1,750
Steve Tyng 0
Will Montgomery -1,250
Joe Sommer -1,500
Doug Conn -1,750