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R/C Tank Combat

Chelmsford Conflict

Battle Video


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Gun camera video taken by Neil Rochford from the Leopard's turret. The Leopard starts by attacking everything in sight.

The Leopard charges quickly into the make-shift village and quickly kills the Hetzer driven by Phil.

The Jeep hides behind a barricade, but is eventually destroyed by the well-functioning Leopard.

The Leopard sweeps through the targets with reckless abandon. Can nobody stop this veteran battler?

The Leopard (built by Neil) takes on the Locust (built by Neil) in a 1-on-1 engagement.

The Locust fairs better in this engagement, properly defending itself, but the Leopard flanks the Hetzer (which apparently had mobility problems) and dispatches it with 3 quick shots.

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