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R/C Tank Combat

Chelmsford Conflict

The Leopard's Story

by Neil Rochford

On Saturday the 26th of July a gloom of disappointment fell over the Funky Tank Foundry for construction operatives and executives alike. T051 was being tested to the max at the proving grounds nearby when it was realised that the turret rotate ESC (that also controls power to all the electrics ) was malfunctioning. Moments later T051 shed the connecter pins that hold the drive sprocket to its drive shaft. This was nothing short of a disaster. With time short and a sisters BBQ requiring emanate attendance, the FTF CD system was changed from Barry White/Will Smith to a more sober Radiohead/Cure. The Leopard was almost completely stripped down and re-drive pinned. Work carried on till the small hours to ready the KOR MBT.

The mood on arrival at Chelmsford for the Leopard commander was not an optimistic one. Once the remanding KOR arsenal were up and running it was decided that the Leopard rotate motor should be disconnected and the turret was fixed into the forward position.

At the start of the battle T051 raced to the centre of the village looking for a kill. A few long range shots showed that the marker was not behaving itself (with an effective range of about 20 feet, Pete said you have to `clean` and `lubricate` them or something? ) nor were the electronics responding as desired. With jerky drive movements and a twitchy barrel, navigation and combat were tricky as the rotate ESC was turning the receiver power on and off. Towards the end of the day, more off than on. However we were moving and could just about steer and shoot.

All the government forces were having mobility problems and were conveniently mainly sat around the field waiting to be shot at. Within moments all were dead including the supply Jeep (T051 don't require supplying) and the Leopard (still without a scratch) went on a celebratory rampage through the village, shooting holes through the town buildings and blowing Unfortunate Eric's arm off. (See vids, very funny).