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R/C Tank Combat

Burton upon Trent

Lessons Learned

by Pete Arundel

Since this was the first battle that the Valentine participated in as a mobile unit it highlighted a few good and bad points of T072.

Good Points

Mechanically and electronically everything worked from the start to the finish. The Suspension is a joy to watch and works well. Mobility is good but she could do with a bit more traction - cleats may have to be added to the tracks. The turret traverse is steady and capable of quite fine control as is the elevation system. The gun is fitted with an aftermarket two piece barrel which is very accurate and consistent.

Bad Points

The the left hand track needs constant vigilance to prevent it from shedding. It is possible to spot trouble and take avoiding action but it doesn't make combat easier! Most likely cause is misalignment of the last road wheel on the left hand side coupled with the flexibility of the Intralox belting used. The turret is being gradually shot to bits. It's lower edge needs reinforcing and possibly the addition of a brush type seal to keep paintball goo out of the interior. The new barrel is too consistent. It frequently places consecutive shots in the same place making it difficult to make out multiple hits. Rate of fire is too low for shooting against moving targets and a door lock actuator and micro-switch set up will have to be implemented before the next battle.

So, lots of work to be done this winter!