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R/C Tank Combat

Burton upon Trent

Battle Report

by Neil Rochford

On the 14-15th August the latest flare of unrest in the UK took place. The battle has come to be called "Burton Upon Trent, Otto's Freedom Fighters" or "BUT,OFF" for short.

A new Freedom fighter/terrorist known only as Otto made an appearance at the KOR battle site. After being shot dead many times his antics still managed to destroy both Camp Eric and the Funky Tank Foundry's (FTF) home bases on Saturday 14th August. Otto's true origins are unclear but evidence has lead back as far as Palmershire, Surrey, UK, where a garden shed is being used as a gathering point for some of natures oddest walks of life. Unfortunate Eric and his followers have connections to this strange den of creation and previous readers will remember a time when Albert Tacklebottom was sent by the Funky Tank Foundry on a friendly mission to investigate and study this creed, eventually bringing total rule and domination to the area. The Palmershire inhabitants somehow repelled the visit and Mr Tacklbottom has not been seen since.

The FTF were retracing Tacklebottom's last known movements, heading south following the keen tracking and navigational skills of Miss Andrew. Taking only 4 hours to achieve a one and a half-hour journey the FTF arrived at a place called "Burton upon Trent". In this picturesque town a new tanker/battler called "Privet Bob" was enlisted by the most funky ones and was put to work in charge of T068. The full arsenal of tanks and jeeps were being unloaded as the sound of incoming cannon fire (just like how it sounds in war films) could be heard from a short distance away. Palmer and Arundel had teamed together and set up "Camp Eric" in a bid to crush the funky advance. Fierce fighting broke out that lasted all weekend. It was mint!