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John's PzII just can't get away from the Semovente. Fortunately, the Semonvente's gun and magazine weren't working properly, allowing the PzII to "do it's thing".

See the next video for the opposing camera view.

Debut of Frank's Semovente 105/25 Bassotto (T100).

Note in the beginning of the clip how smooth the traverse works. Note later in the clip how in the heat of battle the operator momentarily forgot about said smooth traverse while tracking the Comet. Later though, it is used to mow down the fake Royal Guards so that Princess Susie can be rescued. Be wary of the Dachshund.

The Semovente seemed to draw Paul's PzII into battle with him. Paul bravely gave him a side shot, only to be shot up by the Cromwell.

One thing is for certain ... you'll always hear the Semovente coming!


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Polly Pureheart (aka. Claire) helping Neil prepare T001 for the first battle of the weekend.

Claire's other half comes out after shooting Neil's Tiger ruthlessly with the Navarone Gun.

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The FOA Tiger's first kill. Actually, it was more like a "road kill" since Marty's Comet had just thrown a track and was waiting for someone to finish him off. Loic obliged.

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