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Even while in captivity, Princess Susie waves to her adoring fans from the Earl of Essex' country house, while the sinister fake Royal Guards stand watch.

Back Row: Tracy, Paul, Neil, Claire
Kneeling: Frank, Doug, Joe, Will

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Pictured: Rick, John, Marty, Loic, Steve
Not Shown: Mike, David, Stu

David and Bazooka Joe wait for an unsuspecting tank to dash across an opening between the trees. With "one-shot-one-kill" firepower, David quickly earns the respect of many tank commanders.

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The first commercially available R/C tank combat kit showed up in the form of Loic Anthian's Tiger 1. Shown here complete, except for a proper paint job, the Tiger is ready for it's first battle. A collection of sturdy sheet metal and cast parts, along with well-designed operational sub-systems, the Tiger impressed veteran battlers both in Home Base and while operating in the field.

It takes a battlefield to find mistakes. Mounting a 2.4Ghz antenna on the front of the turret probably seemed like a good idea in the workshop, but not once the paint starts flying.

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Unedited video of the suspension test of the FOA Tiger

Paul's PzII patrols the battlefield, engaging Will's SU-100, Frank's Semovente, Loic's FOA Tiger 1, Steve's Cromwell, Rick's Flak 88, John's PzII, and the Bren Carrier chassis. Busy little boy. Near the end, the PzII hides in the trees as the "fox" is pursued by the "hounds".

Paul's PzII dashes about looking for trouble. Paint obscures the lense until a pine branch does a good job of cleaning it off.

John's PzII stalking numerous tanks in and around the woods. Who said he was just a long range sniper?

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